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Narcotics Security Box

Narcotics Security Box

an excellent slim, lightweight, transportation case*.
Compact 279-S Case

The Narcotics Security Box (NSB) is capable of assigning unique up to 250 user combinations. When used in conjunction with the optional LockView-5 Software Kit, audit trails and management controls can be downloaded and managed from a PC. The NSB cabinet is an ideal solution for safely storing narcotics in ambulances, hospitals, nursing homes and other locations that require security, accountability and quick access. The NSB can be mounted on top of most shelves and/or cabinets. It is designed specifically to accommodate most narcotic bags. The NSB is constructed of 14 ga. steel and powder coated in white accented with a blue Star of Life emblem. The inside if the case incorporates anti-pry brackets for added security. A key override is incorporated in case of a lost combination. Audit Software is not needed if you do not require audit capabilities. Available in three models of electronic locks:

Model No. 8514NB-1 (Standard) 8514NB-2 (HID Prox Card Capabilities)
Dim. 14 1/8” W x 8 1/2” H x 8¾” D
Inner Dim: 14” W x 8 1/4” H x 8 1/4” D
Material: 14ga. Steel
Ship Wt. 22 lbs.


  • CompX E-Lock 150 series that comes in three versions of lock capabilities. Model 8514NB-1 (Standard), Model 8514NB-2 (HID Prox) or Model 8514NB-3 (iClass)
  • Click here(a 3rd party web site) for info on HID Prox versus iClass readers
  • Supervisor and user level codes (up to 250)
  • Made of 14 gage steel with anti-pry brackets for additional security
  • Has a motor driven latching mechanism w/ key override and uses 6-AA batteries (not included)
  • Alpha-numeric keypad w/ low battery indicator. Can jump start battery with any USB 2.0 mini B cable
  • The NSB can be mounted directly on top of most shelves or cabinets
  • Designed to accommodate most narcotic bags
  • Weighs 16 lbs (ship weight- 22 lbs)
  • Powder coated in white for durability and easy cleaning with the blue star of life emblem
  • Audit trail tracks up to 400 events (requires optional- LockView-5 software Kit)
  • Click here for operating instructions.

LockView5 Software for Narcotics Security Box

LockView 5 is for use with 150 series eLocks only.  LockView 5 is easy to use, with many programmable options, and can be used to manage / update an eLock when connected directly to a laptop via USB cable. LockView provides a comprehensive audit trail of access attempts and records up to 5,000 events.

An authorized Operator of LockView® can create a database of users and locks on a local or networked computer. Each user in this computer’s database is assigned to a slot in each lock to which they have access. A lock’s internal memory is divided into 3000 slots that store user information thereby giving each lock a maximum of 3000 users. That is, 3000 individuals are capable of opening the eLock.

The computer with LockView® loaded onto it has the ability to connect to locks directly, through a USB cable and update the lock’s memory to correspond with its own database. It is able to gather and manipulate a lock’s audit trail, or past operation log. Audit trail information contains, among other things, the lock’s name, the name of the user attempting to gain access, the credential used, if access was granted or denied, and the date and time of each interaction. Click here for LockView-5 manual.

Model Number
Narcotics Security Box (Standard), 8514NB-1
Narcotics Security Box (HID Prox Reader), 8514NB-2
Narcotics Security Box (iClass Reader), 8514NB-3
LockView-5 Software Kit

* Ships via UPS.

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