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Simples Lock System by V-Line Ace Key and Lock set by V-Line
Simplex Lock System Ace Key & Lock Set

   Simplex push button lock allows quick and easy access, as well as an easy to change code with up to 2200 combinations possible. No more searching for lost keys, you set the code that is easy to remember and work. The Simplex lock is mechanical and requires no batteries.

   The Simplex lock will only open when the correct buttons in the correct sequence are pushed and the knob is turned to the correct direction. It is a good idea to get in the habit of clearing the knob before starting the push button sequence. If the buttons have been pushed you will hear it when you clear the knob.

   One security feature of the Simplex lock is in the knob, if the knob is forced it will break, locking up the case. If this happens a locksmith will need to be called for repairs.

Two Ace Key and Lock sets are standard on Shotgun Cases 3842-S/A, 3850-S/A, and Closet Vault 41653-S.

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