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Estey Periodical Display Unit WP41120
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End PanelsCreate a Finished and Functional Look to your Shelves with End Panels

Periodical Display Units

Sloping periodical shelving with flat storage shelf behind pivoting display shelf.

Features 12" storage shelf

Available as single face or double face design. Single face has 12" base. Double face units have 24" base.

Choice of three widths: 36" width (standard), 30" or 24" for narrow spaces. [Note: There is a 25% upcharge for 24" shelves as this size is crafted by hand.]

Select from one of six standard baked enamel finishes (see below): Champagne/Putty, Pearl Grey, Sand, Georgian Ivory, Light Grey, Arctic White, Black, Medium Grey, Sandstone or Dove Grey.

* All single face shelving must be wall anchored.

Estey Colors


When ordering you will be prompted to select color and width--36", 30" or 24" (a 25% upcharge applies to 24"W which will be calculated in the shop cart)
Prices do not include but are subject to a current steel price surcharge of 58.25% due to spiraling steel prices. The surcharge will be added to your order after checkout but the order will not be processed without your approval. Alternatively, you may submit your order for QUOTE only.

Fixed Base Periodical Display Shelving
Item Code Description Sloping
Shelves: :
Price: Order
WP41120 Single Faced Periodical Display, 42"H , 77 lbs. 3 3 $360.67 [ADD TO CART]
WP61120 Single Faced Periodical Display, 66"H , 100 lbs. 4 4 $448.00 [ADD TO CART]
WP71120 Single Faced Periodical Display, 78"H , 122 lbs. 5 5 $531.33 [ADD TO CART]
WP81120 Single Faced Periodical Display, 84"H , 122 lbs. 5 5 $534.00 [ADD TO CART]
WP91120 Single Faced Periodical Display, 90"H , 141 lbs. 6 6 $612.00 [ADD TO CART]
WP42120 Double Faced Periodical Display, 42"H , 130 lbs. 6 6 $574.00 [ADD TO CART]
WP62120 Double Faced Periodical Display, 66"H , 171 lbs. 8 8 $733.33 [ADD TO CART]
WP72120 Double Faced Periodical Display, 78"H , 211 lbs. 10 10 $888.00 [ADD TO CART]
WP82120 Double Faced Periodical Display, 84"H , 211 lbs. 10 10 $891.33 [ADD TO CART]
WP92120 Double Faced Periodical Display, 90"H , 248 lbs. 12 12 $1,032.00 [ADD TO CART]
Kickplate Periodical Display Shelving
Item Code Description Shelves: Weight: Price: Order
WFDS436 Single Face Display Shelf, 42" 1 sloping / 2 storage 64 lbs $391.33 [ADD TO CART]
WFDS636 Single Face Display Shelf, 66" 2 sloping / 3 storage 98 lbs $556.00 [ADD TO CART]
WFDS836 Single Face Display Shelf, 84" 3 sloping / 4 storage 127 lbs $654.00 [ADD TO CART]
WFDS936 Single Face Display Shelf, 90" 3 sloping / 4 storage 130 lbs $668.00 [ADD TO CART]
WFDD436 Double Face Display Shelf, 42" 2 sloping / 4 storage 111 lbs $640.67 [ADD TO CART]
WFDD636 Double Face Display Shelf, 66" 4 sloping / 6 storage 174 lbs $954.67 [ADD TO CART]
WFDD836 Double Face Display Shelf, 84" 6 sloping / 8 storage 226 lbs $1,146.00 [ADD TO CART]
WFDD936 Double Face Display Shelf, 90" 6 sloping / 8 storage 235 lbs $1,138.67 [ADD TO CART]
* Shipping Additional. Call for quote or simply place your order online and we will confirm shipping costs with you prior to processing your order.

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