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Estey cantilever library and media store shelving
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Adjustable Shelves with and without Dividers

Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable Shelves
Includes Brackets. Available in Shelf Depths 8" to 19".
Adjustable Shelves with Dividers

Adjustable Shelves with Dividers
Slotted on 1" centers to accommodate dividers. Includes 5" Backstop and brackets. Five dividers provided on 36"W shelf. Available in Shelf Depths 10" to 16".

Adjustable shelves are available in your choice of three widths: 36" width (standard), 30" or 24" for narrow spaces. [Note: There is a 25% upcharge for 24" which will be added in the shop cart]

Select from ten standard, five bold or five textured baked enamel finishes : "Estey Color Finishes"

Pricing for Adjustable Shelves with and without dividers
When ordering, specify color and width.
Item Code Description Weight Price:  
BL3608A Adjustable Shelf, 8"D 6.4 lbs $ 40.00 [ADD TO CART]
BL3609A Adjustable Shelf, 9"D 7.6 lbs $ 46.00 [ADD TO CART]
BL3610A Adjustable Shelf, 10"D 8.6 lbs $ 46.00 [ADD TO CART]
BL3611A Adjustable Shelf, 11"D 9.5 lbs $ 50.67 [ADD TO CART]
BL3612A Adjustable Shelf, 12"D 10 lbs $ 51.33 [ADD TO CART]
BL3613A Adjustable Shelf, 13"D 10.5lbs $ 63.33 [ADD TO CART]
BL3614A Adjustable Shelf, 14"D 11.6 lbs $ 65.33 [ADD TO CART]
BL3616A Adjustable Shelf, 16"D 13.8 lbs $ 74.00 [ADD TO CART]
BDA3610A Adjustable Shelf with Dividers, 10"D 8.6 lbs $ 91.33 [ADD TO CART]
BDA3611A Adjustable Shelf with Dividers, 11"D 15.8 lbs $ 91.33 [ADD TO CART]
BDA3612A Adjustable Shelf with Dividers, 12"D 16.3 lbs $ 94.00 [ADD TO CART]
BDA3613A Adjustable Shelf with Dividers, 13"D 16.8 lbs $ 100.00 [ADD TO CART]
BDA3616A Adjustable Shelf with Dividers, 16"D 21.6 lbs $ 123.33 [ADD TO CART]
DIV07 Additional Divider for 8" Shelf, 7"D x 6"H 0.4 lbs. $ 3.20 [ADD TO CART]
DIV09 Additional Divider for Shelves 10" - 13", 9"D x 7.5"H 0.7 lbs. $ 4.40 [ADD TO CART]
DIV12 Additional Divider for Shelves 14" - 16", 12"D x 7.5"H 1 lb. $ 6.13 [ADD TO CART]
SPD12 Additional Divider for Shelves 14" - 16", 9"D x 12"H 1 lb. $ 12.87 [ADD TO CART]

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