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Wood Finishes

Standard finishes:
The warm beauty of natural wood is enhanced by the finish it receives. Each piece of wood is unique, due to variations in texture and grain. Therefore, the finished product may differ from these printed samples shown; an exact match cannot be guarranteed.
Hale Manufacturing Birch 3448

We can match finishes at an additional charge.

Orders specifying "Walnut" will be entered in 109 light, oiled Walnut. Orders specifying "Birch" will be entered in 41 Birchtone. Orders specifying "Oak" will be entered in 24 medium.

Plastic Tops:
Plastic is stocked to match our regular 107, 109 or 49 finishes. For plastic tops in other colors, call for quotation.

Lead times vary depending on specific requirement. Some series and finished are available for 24-hour shipment.

Not all stock finishes are available on all lines.

Hale bookcases are made of combinations of genuine bardwood veneers and solid lumber.

Speci Description Finish Number
Birch Birchtone - toned for uniformity - yellow caste lacquered 41
  Mahogany finish - lacquered 8
  Light Walnut finish - lacquered 3448
  Dark Walnut finish - lacquered 85
  Light Cherry finish - oil sheen B1
  Dark Cherry - lacquered B2
  Ebony Black - dull lacquer like natural ebony wood on birch 52
Oak English - brown tone oil sheen 49
  Light - toned for uniformity - yellow caste lacquered 4
  Mission - brown tone lacquered finish 47
  Natural - toned for uniformity - white caste oil sheen 64
  Medium - sand toned oil sheen 24
Walnut Mahogany - lacquered finish 168
  Light - brown tone lacquered finish 107
  Mellowed Light - reddish caste lacquered 448
  Dark lacquered - gun stock 100
  Oil - brown tone oil sheen 109

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