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Waddell 885 Legacy Display Center       Waddell Legacy Display 88
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Framed in solid oak with brushed gold anodized aluminum door frames, the Legacy Series wall-mounted, display cabinets are clear favorites for posting plaques, ribbons, citations, awards and announcements. These handsome cases are ideal for high traffic areas because they extend only four inches from the wall. The available illuminated header can prominently display your school, church or company name. Brackets are included for easy wall mounting. Legacy Display Centers feature tempered safety glass sliding doors with a built-in lock and are available with a choice of a cork back or velcro-compatible plaque fabric back. To create an attention-grabbing name display, select the 885 illuminated header unit. Please note that ONLY ONE LINE OF TEXT can be used in the illuminated header due to an unacceptable shadowing effect if two lines are used.
Waddell Legacy Options
The cork back is available in the following colors. Select when ordering:Waddell Cork Options
The plaque back is available in the following colors. Select when ordering:Waddell Plaque Fabric Options

Legacy Display Centers
H x W x D
Item Number Panel Type
Cork / Plaque Fabric
36" x 48" x 4" 88-3648CK-GD cork $ 835.77 [ADD TO CART]
36" x 60" x 4" 88-3660CK-GD cork $ 992.01 [ADD TO CART]
36" x 72" x 4" 88-3672CK-GD cork $ 1,144.23 [ADD TO CART]
48" x 48" x 4" 88-4848CK-GD cork $ 960.42 [ADD TO CART]
48" x 60" x 4" 88-4860CK-GD cork $ 1,110.34 [ADD TO CART]
48" x 72" x 4" 88-4872CK-GD cork $ 1,359.06 [ADD TO CART]
36" x 48" x 4" 88-3648PB-GD plaque fabric $ 716.87 [ADD TO CART]
36" x 60" x 4" 88-3660PB-GD plaque fabric $ 820.23 [ADD TO CART]
36" x 72" x 4" 88-3672PB-GD plaque fabric $ 928.25 [ADD TO CART]
48" x 48" x 4" 88-4848PB-GD plaque fabric $ 824.86 [ADD TO CART]
48" x 60" x 4" 88-4860PB-GD plaque fabric $ 939.16 [ADD TO CART]
48" x 72" x 4" 88-4872PB-GD plaque fabric $ 1,197.07 [ADD TO CART]

Legacy Display Centers with Illuminated Headers
Size - H x W x D Item Number Panel Type Price:  
42" x 50" x 4" 885-HB-CK cork $ 1,473.37 [ADD TO CART]
42" x 50" x 4" 885-HB-PB Plaque Fabric $ 1,389.40 [ADD TO CART]

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