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Furniture MovingSafco moving handtrucks
Hand/Platform Trucks
The Tuff Truck Hand Truck & Platform Truck Collection

Hide-Away and StowAway Series Dollies / Carts

Moving Carts
Two Tier Folding Chair Truck
Safco Stowaway Hand Trucks

Safco Boltless Steel Shelving

Boltless Steel Shelving rated 800/1000 lbs. per shelf

Commerical Wire Shelving rated 500 lbs. per shelf

Archival Shelving rated 900 lbs. per shelf

Heavy-Duty Commercial Steel Shelving rated 750 lbs. per shelf

Industrial Wire Shelving - Shelf capacity up to 1250 lbs.
Safco Steel Lockers
Steel Lockers

Safco at your disposal waste receptacle
At-Your-Disposal Media Waste Receptacles
Safco Black Speckle Receptacles
Black Speckle Receptacles

Safco Canemeleon Recessed Panel Receptacles
Canemeleon Recessed Panel Receptacles

Canemeleon Aggregate Panel Receptacles
Safco Evos Outdoor Receptacles
Evos™ Outdoor Receptacles

Safco Onyx™ Mesh Round Wastebasket, 9716BL
Onyx™ Wastebaskets
& Recycling
Safco Public Square Recycling Receptacles
Recycling Containers
Safco Reflections Designer Receptacles
Reflections Designer Receptacles

Safco Reflections Push Top Receptacles, 9895
Reflections Push Top Receptacles

Reflections Designer ReceptaclesSquare Ash And Trash Receptacle, 9696BL
Ash n Trash Sandless Urn

Economy Urns
Reflections Designer Receptacles 9685SS 4 Gallon Step On Stainless Steel Receptacle

STEP ON Stainless Steel Receptacles
STEP ON Medical Receptacles

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