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Ghent Waddell VisuALL PC 41300

Ghent Waddell VisuALL PC 41302

Developed for individual offices, panel systems and small meeting rooms, the VisuALL PC combines an erasable markerboard surface with a useful fabric tackboard. The outer fabric tackboard hinges open from the center to reveal the markerboard or closes for privacy. Compact enough for small spaces, the VisuALL PC is suprisingly generous in size.Opening to an ample 72" of markerboard surface, the unit closes to 36" of convenient fabric tackboard available in your choice of gray, blue or beige fabric. Each VisuALL PC comes complete with mounting accessories for easy attachment to walls or for hanging from divider panels, and may be shipped via UPS. Best of all, VisuALL PC is priced so reasonably that you could purchase two for the price of a traditional wood cabinet.

VisuALL PC Cabinets
Description Fabric Color Item # Price:*  
VisuALL PC Beige 41300 $ 313.17 [ADD TO CART]
VisuALL PC Blue 41301 $ 313.17 [ADD TO CART]
VisuALL PC Gray 41302 $ 313.17 [ADD TO CART]

* VisuALL Cabinets ship via UPS Services.

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