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Electric Screens

Da-Lite offers the world's widest selection of electric screens for the ultimate in convenience and professional presentations. Whether you choose concealed-in-the-ceiling, wall, ceiling hung, or ascending floor model, you'll find Da-Lite's electric screens meet the demanding needs of business meeting rooms, educational institutions, hospitality and home theater applications. All Da-Lite electric screens offer as standard features: black borders and preset adjustable limit switches to automatically stop the screen at the desired viewing level. Available in both 110 and 220 volt models.
Da-Lite Electric Screens



Wall and Ceiling Mounted Electric Screens
(also see below for Large Venue Screens)
Contour Electrol®
Tensioned Contour Electrol®
Cosmopolitan Electrol®
Tensioned Cosmopolitan Electrol
Designer Contour Electrol®
Slimline Electrol®
Large Venue Wall and Ceiling Mounted Electric Screens
Arena Electrol®
Motorized Scenic Roller
Large Cosmopolitan Electrol®
Tensioned Large Cosmopolitan Electrol
Studio Electrol®
Ceiling Recessed Electric Screens
(also see below for Large Venue Screens)

Advantage Electrol®
Advantage Deluxe Electrol®
Boardroom Electrol® DISCONTINUED
Professional Electrol®
Tensioned Advantage Electrol®
Tensioned Advantage Deluxe Electrol®
Tensioned Executive Electrol®
Tensioned Professional Electrol®
Viewshare Tensioned Advantage Electrol®
Viewshare Tensioned Advantage Electrol® RETROFIT
Large Venue Ceiling Recessed Electric Screens
Large Advantage Deluxe Electrol
Tensioned Large Advantage Electrol
Floor Mounted Electric Screens


Control Options for Electric Screens

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