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Hale Manufacturing 800 Series 817 Sectional Bookcase

Hale Manufacturing 851 Standard Depth Flat Top Shelf

Hale Manufacturing 811 Standard Depth Receding Door Bookcase Section

Hale Manufacturing  813 Standard Depth Receding Door Bookcase Section

Sectional Series 800 Line
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The 800 Series allows you to purchase exactly the sections / function you need in a bookcase! The clean look of the 800 series provides a sectional bookcase that blends well in the contemporary home or office. Add the touch of distinction that comes only from fine handcrafted wood furniture. Smooth lines make the 800 series the functional choice when arranging end-to end or back-to-back bookcase groupings. The sectional concept allows for stacking of cases without the use of tools. The beauty of the sectional case is they give complete flexibility of arrangement with many different combinatiions to choose from for meeting your space requirements. Each section has an interlocking top rail across the full width of the section with an accommodating groove on the bottom. The back of the section has a tongue extending upwards which allows for interlocking with a section to be stacked on top. The interlocking top rail and back align each section as they stack together with a snug fit. The top (crown) and bottom (base) interlock in the same manner as the sectionals creating a perfectly aligned case with no tools required. Sectional cases are available in solid Oak, Walnut and Birch and handfinished with Hale quality in our standard colors.

Images shown depict standard depth (11 1/2") style. For 13 1/2" depth, select part codes ending in "-12". Width of all cases, components is 34 1/4".

For construction specifications on the 800 Series, please scroll to bottom of page.

Hale Manufacturing 847 Standard Depth Square Leg Base
Hale Manufacturing 845 Standard Depth Closed Box Base
Hale Manufacturing 82 Standard Depth Pull Out Posting Shelf

800 Series Sectional Bookcase General Construction:
All wood used in the construction of parts and shelving will be kiln-dried hardwood containing moisture content of 5% - 7% at the time of fabrication. All woods will be selected for uniformity of grain and color. Wood used for internal parts will be selected to be structurally sound.

Tops are solid wood of frame style construction using interior glue blocks throughout. Bases are solid wood mortise and tenon glued and nailed or stapled as appropriate. Section ends are 15/16" 3 ply novoply 45# flakecore furniture grade plywood with ¼" hardwood plywood backs and hardwood plywood bottoms utilizing a solid wood front and rear rail. Doorframes are mortise and tenon glued up construction with equalizer door hardware and a single centered opening knob. Wood Finishes:
In the manufacturing process, hardwood parts are glued, cut to size, machine and finish sanded on a 2-head wide belt-finishing sander. Hardwood veneer end panels are finish sanded on a Heesman automatic veneer panel sander. Finish sanding of veneer panels and hardwood parts include the use of 100, 120, and 150 grit-sanding belts. After parts are assembled into a freestanding unit, final hand sanding and inspection prepared the unit for the first finishing step. The selected color finish is hand applied and cloth wiped to provide a uniform color. One coat of sealer is applied with an airless sprayer and allowed to cure. After curing, the sealer is sanded with 220 grit sandpaper to provide a uniform smooth surface. A final lacquer topcoat is applied with an airless sprayer and cured in a heated drying room. The topcoat dries smooth to approximately a 30-sheen finish, which is resistant to normal wear and scratching. UNIT DESCRIPTION:
Stackable bookcase with lift up receding glass or wood doors. Tools are not required for destination assembly. Doors recede into the top of each section for full width accessibility. Equalizer door hardware allows one hand operation of doors. Each section assembly begins with a solid lumber frame, with mortise and tenon and stapled joints.
Sections receive two types of locking rails, which add stability to the section. The top rails 13/16"T x 33"L are nailed in place using a 1 ¼" vinyl coated finishing nails, and forms a male/female connection with the above section. WARRANTY:
All cases are fully guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for 5 years.
Birch   Oak   Walnut
Hale Manufacturing Birch 3448
Hale Manufacturing Birch 41
Hale Manufacturing Birch 58
Hale Manufacturing Birch 8
Hale Manufacturing Birch B1
Hale Manufacturing Birch B@
Hale Manufacturing Oak 24
Hale Manufacturing Oak 47
Hale Manufacturing Oak 49
Hale Manufacturing Oak 4
Hale Manufacturing Oak 64
Hale Manufacturing Walnut 100
Hale Manufacturing Walnut 107
Hale Manufacturing Walnut 109
Hale Manufacturing Walnut 168
Hale Manufacturing Walnut 448
FREE Freight Service is Dock-to-Dock in US 48 for orders over $350. For lift gate and/or inside delivery or for residential service, please select the freight option for this service in the shopping cart. For orders under $350, a freight charge of $75 will be applied.
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Height: Description: Price
817 53 1/2" Receding Door Book Section Stack. Complete case with two 813 sections and one 811 section, 851 Top and 847 Square Leg Base, 145 lbs. $ 1,163
851 3" Standard Depth Flat Top, 8 lbs. $ 145
811 13 1/8" Receding Door Book Sections, 23 lbs. $ 302
813 15 1/8" Receding Door Book Sections, 25 lbs. $ 312
847 7 1/8" Standard Depth Square Leg Base, 8 lbs. $ 95
845 5" Standard Depth Closed Box Base, 8 lbs. $ 95
82 2" Standard Depth Pull Out Posting Shelf: Pulled out useable surface 9-3/4" d X 32" w. 14 lbs. $ 178
817-12 53 1/2" Deep Receding Door Book Section Stack: Complete case with two 813-12 and one 811-12 s sections, 851-12 Top and 847-12 Leg Base. 99 lbs. $ 1,316
851-12 3" Deep Flat top, 10 lbs. $ 172
811-12 13 1/8" Deep Receding Door Section, 25 lbs. $ 338
813-12 15 1/8" Deep Receding Door Section, 27 lbs. $ 346
847-12 7 1/8" Deep Square Leg Base, 10 lbs. $ 120
845-12 5" Deep Closed Box Base, 10 lbs. $ 120
82-12 2" Deep Pull Out Posting Shelf: Pulled out useable area, 32" wide X 11 3/4" deep. 23 lbs. $ 188

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