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Display Rails

Choose one of two styles: Hold-Up Display Rails or Maprails

Hold-up Display Rails
Hold-up Display Rails

The Hold-Up display rail is a creative and safe solution to displaying memos, reminders, artwork - just about anything that needs to be communicated. Best of all, because of Hold-Up's patented design, there is no risk of tearing or damaging what is displayed. With Hold-Up display rails, there is no need for tape, tacks or push pins. The clear, see-through front lets the entire paper show through. The Hold-Up's unique design also allows you the flexibility to post thick and thin items side by side. The display rail can be attached to the top of a board or mounted separately. With its streamline design, the Hold-Up will blend in with any wall or surface. Hold-Up display rails are versatile enough to be used in a school hallway, on your refrigerator or on your office filing cabinet.

Selections marked with "(UPS)" ship via UPS.

Maprails & Accessories
Ghent Maprails
The perfect tack surface when space is limited. Ghent's 1" and 2" maprails feature an aluminum rail with a premium Endura Cork posting strip that will not shrink. Mounts easily to the top of a board or directly to a wall. When added to a chalk or markerboard, these display rails provide an organized way to hang flags, maps, teachers' aids or charts.

Available in lengths 4 - 12 foot for each size (1" and 2") maprails. See price chart below for maprails and accessories.


Hold-Up Display Rails
Item # Length Price*  
H12-12 (UPS) Carton of 12, 12" Hold-Up Display Rails $ 50.12 [ADD TO CART]
H18-6 (UPS) Carton of 6, 18" Hold-Up Display Rails $ 37.21 [ADD TO CART]
H24-6 (UPS) Carton of 6, 24" Hold-Up Display Rails $ 41.99 [ADD TO CART]
H36-6 (UPS) Carton of 6, 36" Hold-Up Display Rails $ 50.10 [ADD TO CART]
H48-6 (UPS) Carton of 6, 48" Hold-Up Display Rails $ 62.51 [ADD TO CART]
H60-6 (UPS) Carton of 6, 60" Hold-Up Display Rails $ 75.40 [ADD TO CART]
H72-2 (UPS) Carton of 2, 72" Hold-Up Display Rails $ 41.99 [ADD TO CART]
H96-2 (UPS) Carton of 2, 96" Hold-Up Display Rails $ 52.04 [ADD TO CART]

1" Maprails
To ADD TO CART, Click on Item Price.
Length Item # Per Single Maprail Per Carton of 6 Maprails Per Carton of 48 Maprails
4 ft (UPS) MR4 $ 26.56 $ 80.65 $ 491.58
6 ft (UPS) MR6 $ 29.88 $ 89.35 $ 688.21
8 ft (UPS) MR8 $ 34.71 $ 114.68 $ 850.98

2" Maprails
To ADD TO CART, Click on Item Price.
Length Item # Per Single Maprail Per Carton of 6 Maprails Per Carton of 24 Maprails
4 ft (UPS) MRH4 $ 32.51 $ 110.42 $ 425.46
6 ft (UPS) MRH6 $ 38.15 $ 155.42 $ 606.12
8 ft (UPS) MRH8 $ 46.69 $ 200.91 $ 768.41

Maprail Accessories
To Order Click on Item Price
Description Item # for 1" Maprail Single Unit Pricing (Call for Volume Pricing) Item # for 2" Maprail Single Unit Pricing (Call for Volume Pricing)
Flag Holder (UPS) FH1 $ 18.97 FH2 $19.77
Hook w/Clip (UPS) HKC1 $ 14.62 HKC2 $ 15.06
End Stops (Pair) (UPS) ES1 $ 15.06 ES2 $ 15.50

* Shipping Additional. Selections marked (UPS) ship via UPS services.
All others ship via freight services. Freight Service is Dock-to-Dock in US 48.
For inside delivery or for lift gate (residential) service,
please select the freight option for this service in the shopping cart.
For large/multiple item orders, please submit order for freight quote
at bottom of shopping cart in place of payment information.


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