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Ulrich Planfiling filing systems

Ulrich Planfiling Corporation Filing Systems

Whether you are looking for storage for Maps, Plans, Posters or any other large documents Ulrich Vertical filling has a solution for you. Document protection including - Fire Resistant Map, Poster, Plan and Large Document Storage. Water Resistant Filing. And standard Locks. Included Folders provide document protection and organization. Space saving design and mobile design help fit into any decor. Traditionally these cabinets were built for Engineers and Architects, they are widely used for Posters and Drawings of all types.

The Planfile
Planfile Filing System

Active filing for up to 3600 documents in sizes up to 36" x 56".
The Planfile 2

Planfile Filing System

An economy version of the Planfile.
The MiniFile
Ulrich Minifile filing system

Active filing for up to 1440 documents in sizes up to 36" x  48".
The CadFile

Economy filing for 1000   36" x  24" documents
The PinFile
Pinfile suspense suspension filing system

Suspension filing for documents up to 36" x  48"
The DrawerFile
drawer file

Heavy duty filing for documents
9" x 12" and 18" x 24"
Replacement Folders, Flat File Folders, and Pinfile accessories. Acid-Free option available.

Ulrich Planfiles can keep your documents safe
during a fire with their patented fire resistant lids!

Ulrich Planfiles are not only fire resistant, but water resistant as well! Whether it's
the fire department, or an accident-prone co-worker,
Ulrich Planfiles will keep your expensive drawings safe and secure!

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