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Elite Hurdles

Elite Hurdle

  • Meets specifications of NCAA rule 2-2-1.
  • Aluminum construction with legal rigid "L" design.
  • Hurdle adjusts to all legal heights.
  • Easily adjust pull over accurately in no time at all!
  • The Elite features a tough, white hurdle board.
  • Hurdle stays in its lane when struck.
  • Weight = 29 lbs.
  • Meets NCAA and TAAF Specifications.
  • Specify color of risers when ordering.
Model Description Price Order
AFRLHSIL Elite Hurdle - Silver $ 212.74 [ADD TO CART]
AFRLHBLK Elite Hurdle - Black $ 212.74 [ADD TO CART]
AFRLHBLU Elite Hurdle - Blue $ 212.74 [ADD TO CART]
AFRLHGLD Elite Hurdle - Gold $ 212.74 [ADD TO CART]
AFRLHGRN Elite Hurdle - Green $ 212.74 [ADD TO CART]
AFRLHRED Elite Hurdle - Red $ 212.74 [ADD TO CART]

High School Hurdles

High School Hurdle

Lightweight aluminum for high school and junior high competition. • Rocker design will automatically right itself when knocked over.•Instamatic locking at five heights - 30”, 33”, 36”, 39” and 42”. • PVC hurdle board Weight 15lbs. Specify what color risers on your order.
Model Description Price Order
AFURYSIL High School Hurdle - Silver $ 89.71 [ADD TO CART]
AFURYBLK High School Hurdle - Black $ 89.71 [ADD TO CART]
AFURYBLU High School Hurdle - Blue $ 89.71 [ADD TO CART]
AFURYGLD High School Hurdle - Gold $ 89.71 [ADD TO CART]
AFURYGRN High School Hurdle - Green $ 89.71 [ADD TO CART]
AFURYRED High School Hurdle - Red $ 89.71 [ADD TO CART]

High School Steel Hurdle

ahsst High School Steel Hurdle by PortaPit

  • Sturdy all steel construction
  • Rocker design will automatically right itself when knocked over.
  • Instant locking at five heights: 30". 33", 36", 39 and 42".
  • Includes PVC hurdle board
  • Weight: 26 lbs.
  • Available in several riser colors: silver, black, blue, gold, green or red.

Model Description Price Order
AHSST High School Steel Hurdle $ 73.99 [ADD TO CART]

Junior/Training Hurdles

Junior High Hurdle

Rocker design rights itself when knocked over. Wood crossbar and nylon gate with grip. Instamatic locking at 22”, 24”, 26”, 30”. Aluminum construction. 10 lbs.
Model Description Price Order
AJEVXXXX Junior/Training Hurdle $ 57.34 [ADD TO CART]
AVELCROS Nylon Gate with hook and loop fastener grips $ 7.26 [ADD TO CART]

PORTaPIT Universal Hurdle Dolly

PortaPit Hurdle Transport Cart, 1336382

  • Product Details:
    • All steel tube constuction with gray powder coated finish
    • Holds up to 16 L-shape or 20 rocker hurdles
    • 4 heavy duty 6" urethane casters
    • Easy walk-in loading

Model Description Price Order
1336382 PortaPit Hurdle Transport Cart $ 430.61 [ADD TO CART]

X-Trainer Hurdles

20028103 Foam Training Hurdles

Product Details:
  • Ideal hurdle for plyometrics, speed, and agility.
  • Adjusts from 6" to 42"
  • Inexpensive for beginners or a personal hurdle to use
  • Hurdle folds flat for easy transport and storage

Model Description Price Order
1274509 X-Trainer Hurdle $ 49.01 [ADD TO CART]
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