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Premier II Discus, ADLS1KGD, ADLSHSGD, ADLS2KGD Premier II Discus
Silver Medal Discus at the 1996 Games in Atlanta. Designed for beginner and intermediate throwers, this is our most popular discus. With a rim weight of 60-70%, this discus is easy to control and has good flight. Constructed of durable ABS plastic and a high quality steel rim.
Competition Discus, AWODD1.0, AWODD1.6 Competition Discus
This laminated wood discus is designed for throwers that want an economical wood discus. Lamination helps prevent shrinkage common in wood discus.
Economy Competition Discus, ARD1.0XX, ARD1.6XX Economy Practice Discus
Affordable hard rubber discus is excellent for training at the high school or middle school level.
Indoor Discus, ATFID1.0, ATFID1.6, ATFID2.0 Indoor Discus
This discus uses a special non-marring brown rubber that minimizes marks on gym floor. Meets official weights and specifications.

Model Description Price Order
ADLS1KGD Premier II Discus - 1.0K $ 60.93 [ADD TO CART]
ADLSHSGD Premier II Discus - 1.6K $ 64.99 [ADD TO CART]
ADLS2KGD Premier II Discus - 2.0K $ 72.30 [ADD TO CART]
AWODD1.0 Competition Discus - 1.0K $ 34.93 [ADD TO CART]
AWODD1.6 Competition Discus - 1.6K $ 39.80 [ADD TO CART]
ARD1.0XX Economy Scholastic Discus - 1.0K $ 10.55 [ADD TO CART]
ARD1.6XX Economy Scholastic Discus - 1.6K $ 11.36 [ADD TO CART]
ATFID1.0 Indoor Discus - 1.0K $ 9.76 [ADD TO CART]
ATFID1.6 Indoor Discus - 1.6K $ 11.89 [ADD TO CART]
ATFID2.0 Indoor Discus - 2.0K $ 16.24 [ADD TO CART]
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