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Gadget Bar Lifter Gadget Bar Lifter
This product is a must! The Gadget crossbar lifter is the most unique lifter on the market. Every pole vaulter has a pole that will reach his jumping height, but when the Gadget is placed on the end of that pole, it quickly becomes a bar replacement tool. Universal for all regulation crossbars.
Elastic Crossbar Elastic Crossbar
Builds confidence, saves time, and prevents injuries from falling bars. Simply stretch the elastic practice crossbar between your weighted standards. No more delays between jumps to replace the bar. Fits both high jump and pole vault. Perfect for practice. This elastic crossbar doesn’t hurt and allows jumpers to concentrate on making a successful attempt.

Model Description Price Order
1126310 Gadget Bar Lifter $ 21.93 [ADD TO CART]
AFR050BM Elastic Crossbar $ 24.36 [ADD TO CART]
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