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Game Tables: Table Tennis

Table Tennis Paddles

Economy and Standard Table Tennis Paddles

Economy Paddles
A. Sand Paper Face, 5 Ply
B. Rubber Face, Pips Out, 5 Ply

Standard Paddles
C. Sponge Rubber 2.0mm Thick Pips Out Face, Tapered 5 Ply

Deluxe Paddles
D. Sponge Rubber 2.0mm Thick Face, Pips in, Tapered Edging.

Unistructure Paddle, 920

Unistructure Paddle
This is the one you can drive nails with and there must be a lot of nail driving, because it's become our best selling paddle. They are priced below wood paddles, and because they are one piece they can never delaminate. They look like wood but will outlast wood, ten to one. Available with SIMULATED SAND face or rubber face.
Model Description Price Order
NAS1XXXX A. Economy Sand Paper Face $ 3.59 [ADD TO CART]
NAR1XXXX B. Economy Rubber Face $ 4.15 [ADD TO CART]
NAR2XXXX C. Championship Sponge Rubber 2.0mm Thick $ 4.61 [ADD TO CART]
NAF2XXXX D. Deluxe Sponge Rubber 2.0mm Thick $ 7.11 [ADD TO CART]
920 Unistructure Paddle Sand Face-dozen $ 47.88 [ADD TO CART]
921 Unistructure Paddle Rubber Face-dozen $ 65.40 [ADD TO CART]

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