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MacGregor Multi-Scoreboard
Manual Tabletop Double Sided Sccoreboard

The Manual Double-Sided Tabletop Scoreboard helps scorekeepers keep track of acquired points while displaying large red and white numerals against a black background for fans and players to see across the field or court. The double-sided design displays the score from the front and the back, and the compact design folds for tucking away between games. With flip-style numbers that reach up to 30, this scoreboard is ideal for volleyball, badminton and table tennis. For sports that have multiple matches, smaller numbers within the center of the board range from zero to five to allow scoring of the number of games won.

  • Bold red and white numbers stand out against the black background on both sides of the scoreboard for reference
  • 6 in. number cards flip over when tallying points, which go up to 30 for sports like volleyball or table tennis
  • 2.5 in. numbers keep track of the games won
  • Manual use eliminates the need to keep batteries on hand
  • The foldable design allows coaches and scorekeepers to bring the scoreboard along to any practice or sporting event
  • Activity: Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball
  • Color: Black, Red, White
  • Flip-Over Scoring Style: Yes
  • Foldable Design: Yes
  • Number Of Score Digits Per Team: 30
  • Product Height: 7 in.
  • Product Width: 15 in.
  • Scoreboard Type: Manual
  • 6" numbers for scoring
  • 2.5" numbers to score games (0-5 for each side)
  • Scores up to 30 for each team
  • Double-sided, see the score from front and back
  • Ideal for volleyball, badminton, or table tennis
  • Folds up for easy transport and storage
  • Size: 7"H x 15"W
Portable Manual Scorekeeper 1196177
Portable Manual Scorekeeper

After every three-pointer, penalty kick or ace, the scorekeeper can use this BSN SPORTS™ Portable Manual Scoreboard to accurately tally the score throughout games, scrimmages or practices. With options for displaying home and guest scores, as well as the current period or game number, this scoreboard is a simple way to keep players and fans informed throughout the match. Whether hosting a game at home or traveling to a tournament across town, this scoreboard is designed for transport with an integrated carry handle and fold-flat design.


  • Manual scorekeeper displays the home and away team scores, as well as the period or game number being played
  • Two-digit scoring system can keep track of scores up to 99 points
  • Period and game indicator goes up to five for versatile use during different sporting events or activities
  • Compact design folds and lies flat when not in use for an easy storage solution
  • Measures 11 in. high x 23 in. long with 6 in. score digits and 2.5 in. period and game digits for easy readability by fans, players and coaches
  • Color: Black, White, Red
  • Flip-Over Scoring Style: Yes
  • Foldable Design: Yes
  • Number Of Score Digits Per Team: 2
  • Period/Quarter Tracking: Yes
  • Product Height: 11 in.
  • Product Length: 23 in.
  • Scoreboard Type: Manual
  • 6" score digits
  • 2.5" Period/Games digit up to 5
  • Scores game up to 99 for each side
  • No assembly required
  • Lays flat for storage
  • Size: 11"H x 23"L
Adjustable Scorekeeper 1162448
Height Adjustable Scorekeeper
  • Players and fans can easily keep track of the game using the Manual Scorekeeper with Adjustable Stand. Great for playing areas where space is limited, such as tournaments, physical education classes and crowded gymnasiums, the scorekeeper is a low-tech way to display opposing scores in bright white and red numbers. When the guard makes a jump shot, the striker puts the ball in the back of the net or running back dives into the end zone, scorekeepers can easily flip the cards over to update the score.

    • Two scores are displayed on cards that flip over for quick score changes
    • Score cards accommodate points from 0 to 99
    • PVC stand features a 15 in. x 15 in. cross-style base for stability and converts from a 38 in. standing unit to a 12 in. tabletop scoreboard
    • Two dry-erase panels allow coaches, referees and scorekeepers to mark the team names
    • Numbers are displayed on contrast-color backgrounds in bold red or bright white for easy visibility
    • Color: Black, Red, White
    • Color Family: Black
    • Flip-Over Scoring Style: Yes
    • Foldable Design: No
    • Material: PVC, Vinyl
    • Number Of Score Digits Per Team: 2
    • Period/Quarter Tracking: No
    • Product Height: 12 - 38 in.
    • Product Weight: 5.72 lb.
    • Scoreboard Type: Manual
    • 7" numbers printed on vinyl
    • Scores up to 99 for each team
    • Two erasable team panels
    • PVC stand measures 38"H with a 15" x 15" base
    • Converts from floor model to 12"H table top unit
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