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Indoor Tabletop Scoreboard

Tabletop Scoreboard, SK2229RTabletop Scoreboard Stand, 1293784

SK2229R Product Details:

  • 16" H x 24" W x 10" D - 13 lbs.
  • Scores Basketball, Volleyball and Wrestling and can function as a metronome, stopwatch, clock with alarm and program timer
  • INCLUDES WIRELESS REMOTE (100' range) allows operator to change score and start/stop the clock
  • 4 user-programmable frequency settings for operating multiple units independently in the same area
  • Clock counts up or down from 99:99 and keeps score to 199
  • Period, bonus, team fouls and possession indicators
  • LED Clock digits: 4.75" , LED Score digits: 4.25"
  • Optional stand shown above is sold separately.
Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Scoreboard
Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop ScoreboardTabletop Scoreboard Stand, 1293784

SK999 Product Details:

Same as our popular SK2229R Tabletop Scoreboard with the following added features:

  • 16" H x 24" W x 10" D - 24 lbs.
  • Dual LED brightness settings for indoor and outdoor operation
  • AC/DC, complete with built-in, rechargeable battery (up to 6 hour battery life depending on brightness choice, for a fully charged battery)
  • For PORTABLE USE ONLY. Do not store outside or use during inclement weather
  • Optional stand shown above is sold separately.
Model Description Price Order
SK2229R Indoor Tabletop Scoreboard $ 394.05 [ADD TO CART]
SK999 Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Scoreboard $ 472.86 [ADD TO CART]
1293784 Wheeled stand for SK2229R and SK999 $ 81.98 [ADD TO CART]
1240597 Extra Loud Horn $ 58.37 [ADD TO CART]
1142266 Carry Bag $ 65.39 [ADD TO CART]
1201789 Replacement remote $ 51.36 [ADD TO CART]
1167443 Replacement Power Cord/Adapter $ 36.68 [ADD TO CART]
1171570 Replacement Battery (for 1171525, SK999 and 1239645) $ 41.76 [ADD TO CART]
Wireless Shotclocks & Controller
Wireless Shotclocks and Controller

Eliminate the need to run control cable to each clock. 7.9" H LED numerals are visible within 300 feet. Two extremely reliable and easy to use shot clocks which are powered by built- in, rechargable batteries or 110v AC power come with a battery powered wireless controller .  4 user-programmable wireless frequency settings.  Module INCLUDED for controlling via the SK2222 or SK999 Portable Scoreboards. Counts up or down from 1 to 99 seconds. Gametimer numbers are 4.7".  Loud, built in horns included. 2 100' data control cables included.  Recommended for portable use only. Each clock measures 10.2"L x 15.6"W x 23.6"H. Weight: 12 lbs per clock. Optional stand shown above is sold separately.  For indoor use only.


Model Description Price Order
1171525 Wireless Shotclocks & Controller $ 824.52 [ADD TO CART]
1171556 Optional stand for shotclock $ 86.60 [ADD TO CART]
1167443 Replacement Power Cord/Adapter $ 36.68 [ADD TO CART]
1171570 Replacement Battery (for 1171525, SK999 and 1239645) $ 41.79 [ADD TO CART]
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