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Gymnasium wall pads, hangers and hanging wall pads, G875YXXX, G876YXXX, G877YXXX, G872YXXX, G873YXXX, G874YXXX, G870YXXX

Wall Pads
Wall pads are an effective means to reduce the risk of injury and are particularly effective under basketball backboards. Easily installed by your maintenance department or general contractor and the brightly colored vinyl will enhance the appearance of your gymnasium.

All wall pads are manufactured using 1/2" thick Novaply wood backing, and 14oz. vinyl. A 1" lip at the top and bottom of each panel for attachment to the wall. We recommend using our Aluminum Channeling for mounting our wall pads (described below), but they may also be bolted in place.

Available in royal blue, red, dark green, yellow or white. You may also order a combination of colors. Covered material meets California Fire Marshall's specifications for flammability. Hardware is not included. Please contact us for pricing on custom wall pads, column pads or cut outs. Two fill selections: Wall Pads I filled with 1-3/8" cross-linked polyethylene; Wall Pads II filled with 2" 10 ILD high density urethane.

Aluminum Channeling for Wall Pads
Mounting your wall pads using our channeling is fast and simple. The wall pads fit into the channeling securely and lock-in at the top for a smooth, neat appearance (no ugly screws or bolts to cover up). Worn or damaged pads can be easily removed and replaced one panel at a time by simply removing the top channel. Top and Bottom channel included. Sold in 6' lengths.

Model Description Price Order
G875YXXX Wall Pads I (2' x 5') $ 87.33 [ADD TO CART]
G876YXXX Wall Pads I (2' x 6') $ 98.25 [ADD TO CART]
G877YXXX Wall Pads I (2' x 7') $ 109.16 [ADD TO CART]
G872YXXX Wall Pads II (2' x 5') $ 100.65 [ADD TO CART]
G873YXXX Wall Pads II (2' x 6') $ 116.69 [ADD TO CART]
G874YXXX Wall Pads II (2' x 7') $ 129.09 [ADD TO CART]
1045826 Cut Out for Wall Fixture $ 40.30 [ADD TO CART]
G870YXXX Aluminum Channeling for wall pads - 6' length $ 40.93 [ADD TO CART]
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