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GSC Training Pits

GSC Training Pits, G795YXXX, G796YXXX, G798YXXX, G818PXXX, G824PXXX, 1149036, 1044171

Constructed of high-grade, soft poly foam filler, the sides and bottom are covered with 18 oz. reinforced, coated vinyl material. Top is covered with a durable mesh breather fabric that facilitates even air dispersion and foam recovery. Nylon web handles on ends and sides make these mats easy to transport and store. Available in Royal Blue, Red, Dark Green, Yellow, and White. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.
Model Description Price Order
G795YXXX Training Pits - (5 x 10') 16" Folding $ 1,253.85 [ADD TO CART]
G796YXXX Training Pits - (6 x 12') 16" Folding $ 1,663.78 [ADD TO CART]
G798YXXX Training Pits - (8 x 12') 16" Folding $ 2,127.68 [ADD TO CART]
G816PXXX Training Pits - (5 x 10') 16" Non-Folding $ 1,322.41 [ADD TO CART]
G824PXXX Training Pits - (5 x 10') 24" Non-Folding $ 1,746.93 [ADD TO CART]
1149036 Training Pits - (6 x 12') 18" Non-Folding $ 2,097.05 [ADD TO CART]
1044171 Training Pits - 6' 24" Non-Folding $ 2,377.87 [ADD TO CART]
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