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Trapezoid Foam Vaulting Box

GSC Trapezoid Foam Vaulting Box, 1041804, 1041637

Furnish any gym or fitness studio with the Trapezoid Foam Vaulting Box to provide students and members with a fun way to work on motor skills, jumping capabilities and beginner gymnastic maneuvers. Vaults can be performed seamlessly with the box acting as a horse, or the box can be used as a spotting platform for gymnasts and cheerleaders as they take to the air. Held tightly together by hook-and-loop fasteners, each of the unit's four sections is bright in color to add vibrancy to any athletic setting.

  • Provides a platform for gymnastics, jump exercises and other movements that focus on motor skills
  • Tapered design places four blocks on top of one another to reach a 48 in. height
  • Hook-and-loop closures keep each section held tightly in place for stability as users go over the box
  • Brightly colored design provides a fun look for elementary classes
  • With a 36 in. x 48 in. footprint, the setup sits firmly on the ground
  • Color: Blue, Red, Yellow, Teal
  • Color Family: Multi
  • Foldable Design: No
  • Product Height: 48 in.
  • Product Length: 36 in.
  • Product Weight: 44 lb.
  • Product Width: 48 in.

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1041637 Trapezoid Foam Vaulting Box - Multi Colors $ 905.47 [ADD TO CART]
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