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Practice Pop-Up Dummies

Pop-Up Dummy

Pop-Up Dummies are designed to speed up drills, giving players quicker execution and allowing more repetitions with safety in mind.  Quality workmanship and materials make this piece of practice equipment a great value for your program, like having extra assistants or players during your practices cutting down on dead time between drills.  4 carrying handles for easy carrying and transporting.  Heavy protected base allows dummy to "pop" back up after contact.  Rubber coating on base won't bruise or sting players lower body.  3 layer 18oz vinyl base.  Specify color: Gold, Black, Red, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Maroon, Orange, Gray, Royal Blue, Navy or Purple.


V-Style Dummy Arms

The V-Style Dummy Arms have a detachable arm feature that makes practice drills even more life like.  Adjustable up to 16" diameter dummies.  Fastens with heavy duty webbing and D-rings.  18oz coated vinyl, 45" long X 6" diameter. 

Eleven Colors (specify when ordering):
Popup Colors

Model Description Price Order
1240153 Pop-Up Dummy - Junior- 45" x 24" $ 415.70 [ADD TO CART]
1240160 Pop-Up Dummy - Varsity- 55" x 24" $ 498.84 [ADD TO CART]
1240177 Pop-Up Dummy - Pro- 72" x 24" $ 651.27 [ADD TO CART]
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