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Football Helmet Cart 1378673

The Football Helmet Cart, 1378673, keeps helmets present and accounted for — with the added convenience of easy access. Cart fits through standard doorways and rolls right outside to the team. Made of solid and sturdy in 1" outside diameter black powder coated steel tubing. Rolls on four heavy duty 4" swivel casters; two have locking mechanisms. Holds up to 50 football helmets with face masks (can also hold helmets for lacrosse and field hockey, and other kinds of helmets) on five levels. Get the Football Helmet Cart this season — make it easy on your equipment manager, your players and yourself! 64Hx24Wx61"L. Weighs 61 lbs.
  • Constructed of 1” O.D. black powder coated steel tubing
  • Heavy duty urethane swivel wheels - 2 with brakes
  • 5 welded shelves make for easy assembly
  • Will hold 50 football helmets with masks (can also be used for lacrosse helmets, batting helmets, etc.)  
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • 64”H x 24”W x 61”L - 61 lbs.
Wall Mounted Football Helmet rach 1197739

Wall Mounted Helmet Rack, 1197739. Now you can organize your helmet storage for the end of the season or before reconditioning.  Hang it where you need it.  Keep your floor space clean and usable.  Chrome plated 1" steel tubing that will last for years.  Made to hold large or small football/baseball/lacrosse helmets.  Will hold 18 helmets on 3 levels.  Can store with masks attached and facing in or out.  Easy to install with 4 screws (not included).  Can even be used to store basketballs or other items.  60" Wide X 40" High.  18lbs. 

Model Description Price Order
1378673 Football Helmet Cart $ 240.00 [ADD TO CART]
1197739 Wall Mounted Helmet Rack $ 114.80 [ADD TO CART]
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