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Fitness: Core Training

Stability Trainers

Core Training, Stability Ball
Stability Balls

  • Improve and maintain balance, coordination, posture and flexibility
  • Strengthens hard-to-reach muscles often overlooked in normal training
  • Use for a variety of balance, core, strength, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises
  • 55 - 75cm stability balls can accommodate Body Ball Straps with Handles
    (sold separately - see below)
Model Description Price Order
1335873 45cm Stability Ball - Purple (approx. 17.7") $ 14.61 [ADD TO CART]
1335880 55cm Stability Ball - Green (approx. 21.6") $ 16.24 [ADD TO CART]
1335897 65cm Stability Ball - Yellow (approx. 25.6") $ 19.49 [ADD TO CART]
1335903 75cm Stability Ball - Red (approx. 29.5") $ 21.93 [ADD TO CART]
* Shipping Additional
Core Training, Body Ball Strap with Handle
Body Ball Strap with Handle
  • Helps develop, strengthen, and tone abs, hips, legs, back
  • Designed to deliver long-lasting, professional durability
  • Effective total body workout that builds strength, burns fat, and improves flexibility and balance
  • Accommodates 55 - 75cm stability ball (sold separately - see above)
Model Description Price Order
1369597 Body Ball Strap with Handle (for 55cm stability ball) $ 16.24 [ADD TO CART]
1369598 Body Ball Strap with Handle (for 65cm stability ball) $ 19.68 [ADD TO CART]
1369599 Body Ball Strap with Handle (for 75cm stability ball) $ 20.61 [ADD TO CART]
* Shipping Additional
Core Training, Peanut Ball

Peanut Ball
  • Great for beginning core training
  • Oblong design allows for front-to-back and side-to-side patterns only
  • Ideal for someone who cannot use a traditional round stability ball


Model Description Price Order
1277142 Peanut Ball, 45 x 90cm - Red (approx. 17.7" x 35.4") $ 31.68 [ADD TO CART]
1277166 Peanut Ball, 55 x 100cm - Blue (approx. 21.6" x 39.3") $ 36.55 [ADD TO CART]
* Shipping Additional
Fit Disc

13" Fit Disc
Promotes core stability and provides many of the same benefits of a gym ball while performing lower back and abdominal exercises. Can also be used in most chairs. Support and challenge the spinal muscles while enhancing posture. For children with hyperactive nervous systems the tactile surface has been shown to enhance calmness and concentration. Can be used on the floor for exercises just like a stability ball to improve balance and increase strength. Inflate with a standard ball needle (plastic hand pump included). Supports up to 350 lbs.
* Shipping Additional
Model Description Price Order
1255935 13" Fit Disc $ 24.05 [ADD TO CART]
Anti Burst Fitness Balls

Anti Burst Fitness Balls
  • Target abs, back and glutes to strengthen and tone
  • Advanced users position the ball for upper and lower body workouts
  • Ideal for stretching and warm-up exercises
  • Burst resistant up to 500 lbs.
Model Description Price Order
1335910 Anti Burst Fitness Balls, 45cm - Purple (approx. 17.7") $ 22.74 [ADD TO CART]
1335927 Anti Burst Fitness Balls, 55cm - Green (approx. 21.6") $ 24.36 [ADD TO CART]
1335934 Anti Burst Fitness Balls, 65cm - Yellow (approx. 25.6") $ 25.99 [ADD TO CART]
1337211 Anti Burst Fitness Balls, 75cm - Red (approx. 29.5") $ 30.86 [ADD TO CART]
* Shipping Additional
Stability Ball with Feet

Stability Ball with Feet
  • Burst-resistant ball with the addition of small peg feet
  • Provides all of the ergonomic seating benefits of a traditional stability ball, but stays put when not in use
  • Can also be used on its side like a regular stability ball
Model Description Price Order
1333909 Stability Ball with Feet, 45cm - Light Blue (approx. 17.7") $ 22.74 [ADD TO CART]
1333916 Stability Ball with Feet, 55cm - Red (approx. 21.6") $ 24.36 [ADD TO CART]
1333923 Stability Ball with Feet, 65cm - Yellow (approx. 25.6") $ 28.43 [ADD TO CART]
* Shipping Additional
BOSU® Ballast Ball

BOSU® Ballast Ball

With the BOSU® Ballast® Ball you can now start using progressions and vigorous drills that were not reliable on a normal stability ball. Made up of high-caliber, burst-resistant material, the Ballast® Ball has a six-sided design for positioning and alignment. The six-sided design ensures that your ball roll will not roll away or slip at inopportune times. Has a 250 lb. recommended capacity and included is a workout DVD and a foot pump.

  • 2.5 lbs. of ballast inside the 65cm ball remains in place as the user moves from one position to another, even during the most intense exercises
  • Ballast provides a visual and audible cue when the ball is shifted or lifted
  • Includes Ballast Ball, instructional DVD, manual and foot pump
  • Supports up to 250 lbs.
Model Description Price Order
1277449 BOSU® Ballast Ball $ 72.24 [ADD TO CART]
* Shipping Additional
Playground Cart
Stability Ball Cart
This Stability Ball Cart has it all when it comes to storage and transport. Designed to work with balls with a diameter of 16" and larger in addition to exercise bands, jump ropes, and resistance tubes. Strong yet lightweight PVC construction is maintenance free and durable.  Features roll-lock caster that secure the cart in place with the simple push of a lever. Extra wheels on the ends provide for added stability. Measures 67"L x 19"W x 67"H the Stability Ball Cart is designed to effortlessly pass through a standard doorway in your school or activity center.
  • Stores and safely transports stability balls with a diameter of 16" or larger, plus jump ropes, exercise bands and resistance tubes
  • Lightweight PVC, yet strong, durable and maintenance free
  • Roll lock casters secure cart in place with the push of a lever
  • Easily passes through a standard doorway
  • Size: 67" L x 19" W x 67" H

Model Description Price Order
1257557 Stability Ball Cart $ 220.99 [ADD TO CART]
Door Gym
Door Gym
  • Gives you a great upper body workout
  • Activates stabilizer muscles to strengthen your core
  • Easy to use and secures to virtually any door
Model Description Price Order
1369602 Door Gym $ 30.50 [ADD TO CART]

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