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Medicine Balls

medicine balls

Medicine Balls

Best used for rotational movements, abdominal training, and strength training, Medicine balls have been an integral part of gyms for years. Traditional design and color coded for easy identification. Wrapped in a durable, synthetic leather cover.  Available in five colors/weights.
  • Traditional design, sizes and weights
  • Synthetic leather cover
  • Color coded sizes for easy identification
Model Description Price Order
1266238 4-6 lb. Medicine Ball - Red $ 16.24 [ADD TO CART]
1266245 6-7 lb. Medicine Ball - Yellow $ 20.30 [ADD TO CART]
1266252 9-10 lb. Medicine Ball - Blue $ 24.36 [ADD TO CART]
1266269 11-12 lb. Medicine Ball - Orange $ 25.99 [ADD TO CART]
1266276 15-16 lb. Medicine Ball - Green $ 31.68 [ADD TO CART]
* Shipping Additional
heavy medicine balls
Heavy Medicine Balls
Whenever you require a terrific tool for a complete body workout, Heavy Medicine Balls are an effective choice. Use them to build up shoulders, back, arms and legs, and also improve strength and joint integrity. Also used as exceptional abdominal exercise tool for powerful and rock hard abs. A lot of users discover medicine balls superior to limited weight machines, because they provide weight-resistance through a full range of motion, better replicating the unique demands of an actual sports environment. Add Heavy Medicine Balls to your school's training program, and see your players' improved performance, less risk of injury, and stronger abdomens and lower backs.
  • Heavy weight for complete body workout
  • Provides resistance training through a full range of motion
  • Improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, improve balance and build strength
Model Description Price Order
1364666 20 lbs. Medicine Ball - Yellow $ 104.80 [ADD TO CART]
1364664 25 lbs. Medicine Ball - Maroon $ 121.86 [ADD TO CART]
1364665 30 lbs. Medicine Ball - Dark Green $ 97.49 [ADD TO CART]
* Shipping Additional
rubber medicine balls

Rubber Medicine Balls
Medicine balls have been utilized for quite some time. Enacted to aid in building strength or rehabilitating injuries, medicine balls continue to be an effective way of working out. The Champion Reactor Rubber Medicine Ball (1 kg, lt. blue) boasts durability, and is also weather-resistant and color-coded for easy identification. The textured rubber cover improves grip and tossing ability. Air filled with limited bounce. You'll be eager to add the medicine ball to your strength training program.
  • Durable textured rubber cover makes them easy to grip 
  • Air filled with limited bounce 
  • Color coded sizes for easy identification
Model Description Price Order
1266283 1 kg. Rubber Medicine Ball - Light Blue $ 21.93 [ADD TO CART]
1266290 2 kg. Rubber Medicine Ball - Red $ 27.61 [ADD TO CART]
1266306 3 kg. Rubber Medicine Ball - Yellow $ 34.11 [ADD TO CART]
1266313 4 kg. Rubber Medicine Ball - Royal Blue $ 41.43 [ADD TO CART]
1266320 5 kg. Rubber Medicine Ball - Orange $ 47.93 [ADD TO CART]
1266337 6 kg. Rubber Medicine Ball - Green $ 52.80 [ADD TO CART]

7 kg. Rubber Medicine Ball - Purple

$ 64.18 [ADD TO CART]
* Shipping Additional
medicine balls with handles
Medicine Balls with Handles
Great for  rotational movements, strength training, and abdominal training. The Reactor Medicine Ball with Handle features color-coded sizes for easy identification (yellow = 6.6 lbs.; 3 kg). Designed with solid molded handles with plastic, textured grips for a more secure, comfortable hold and greater durability for intense training conditions. Weather-resistant. Available in other colors/weights.
  • Ideal for abdominal training, rotational movements and strength training
  • Solid molded handles with plastic, textured grips for a more secure, comfortable grip and greater durability for intense training
  • Color coded sizes for easy identification
Model Description Price Order
1266412 3 kg.Medicine Ball with Handle - Yellow $ 54.84 [ADD TO CART]
1266429 4 kg. Medicine Ball with Handle - Royal Blue $ 60.93 [ADD TO CART]
1266436 5 kg. Medicine Ball with Handle - Orange $ 65.61 [ADD TO CART]
1266443 6 kg. Medicine Ball with Handle - Green $ 72.18 [ADD TO CART]
1266450 7 kg. Medicine Ball with Handle - Purple $ 75.93 [ADD TO CART]

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