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RDX Series Radio w/o LCD Screen 1255409 1255393 1255447 1255454
RDX Series without LCD Screen
RDX Series Radio with LCD Screen 1255423 1255416 1255430
RDX Series with LCD Screen
Multi Unit RDX Charger 1255461Multi Unit RDX ChargerHigh Capacity Li ION Battery for RDX 1255478High Capacity Li Ion Battery for RDX

Motorola RDX Series Radios


(Replacement to XTN and AX Series Radios)

UHF/VHF Industrial Business Two-Way Radio

-Available in 2 watt and 4/5 watt power

-UHF operates on 89 business exclusive frequencies

-VHF operates on 27 business exclusive frequencies

-2000 mW audio output with wind noise reduction

(30% louder than XTN/AX Models!)

-Meets Military 810 C,D,E and F and IP54/55 specifications

-Free Downloadable Customer Programming Software

-Lithium Ion Battery

-Easy Cloning radio to radio or with multi-unit charger

-Advanced Voice Activation (VOX) with selected audio accessories

Model Description Price Order
1255409 RDX Radio (no lcd) 2W, 2C VHF $ 310.32 [ADD TO CART]
1255393 RDX Radio (no lcd) 2W, 2C UHF $ 354.65 [ADD TO CART]
1255447 RDX Radio (no lcd) 4W, 10C UHF $ 481.32 [ADD TO CART]
1255454 RDX Radio (no lcd) 5W, 10C VHF $ 455.99 [ADD TO CART]
1255423 RDX Radio (lcd) 2W, 8C VHF $ 367.32 [ADD TO CART]
1255416 RDX Radio (lcd) 2W, 8C UHF $ 392.65 [ADD TO CART]
1255430 RDX Radio (lcd) 4W, 16C VHF $ 519.32 [ADD TO CART]
1255461 RDX Radio Multi Unit Charger $ 367.32 [ADD TO CART]
1255478 Li Ion Battery for RDX $ 132.99 [ADD TO CART]
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