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CLS Series Radios 1239553 682131

Motorola CLS Series Radios

Eliminate wasted time and maximize productivity and security. Keep in touch with teachers, medical staff, security officers, coaches and maintenance staff using CLS Radios.

Features include:

  • UHF Business Two Way Radio 
  • Talk range up to 5 miles depending on terrain and conditions..steel/concrete buildings: up to 200,000 sq. feet..multi-level buildings: up to 15 floors
  • 56 built-in user changeable UHF frequencies (12.5 KHz channel spacing Interference eliminator with 121 codes - 83 digital (DPL) & 38 analog codes 
  • LCD display with battery signal strength indicator
  • Call alert button with 3 tones
  • VOX voice activated transmit with select audio accessories
  • Vibrate mode (682131 only)
  • Cloning capability copies programming to other radios (requires 6 unit charger)
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery, with up to 12 hour life
  • Key pad lockout
  • 3 hr. desktop charger
  • Quick release swivel holster with belt clip holster
  • Model Description Price Order
    1239553 CLS Radio  1Watt, 1 Channel UHF $ 252.19 [ADD TO CART]
    682131 CLS Radio  1Watt, 4 Channels UHF $ 316.85 [ADD TO CART]
    1245691 CLS radio 6 unit charger $ 297.65 [ADD TO CART]
    1239560 Ear Bud with clip-on mic $ 44.32 [ADD TO CART]
    1239577 Earpiece with PTT mic $ 81.05 [ADD TO CART]
    1202045 Rechargeable i Ion Battery $ 84.85 [ADD TO CART]
    * Shipping Additional

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