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Cramer Coach's Team First Aid Kit

Sports Medicine, First Aide kit, Cramer Varsity Training Kit, MDKITVRF, 1078466

Product Details:
  • Designed by athletic trainers to meet the first aid needs of competitive sports
  • Contents: (2) Instant Cold Packs, (3) Knuckle Bandages, (5) Butterfly Bandages, (3) After Bite Sting Relief ,(6) Tongue Depressors, (1) Tuf-Skin® Tape, (1) Tape Underwrap, (12) Antiseptic Towelettes, (10) 3" x 3" Gauze Pads, (3) Fingertip Bandages, (1) Scissors, (5) Antibiotic Cream, (1) Sports Injury Care Handbook, (1) Sam Finger Splint, (5) Acetaminophen, (10) 3/4" x 3" Bandages, (5) 2" x 4" Bandages, (6) Alcohol Prep Pads, (6) Latex Gloves, (1) 3" Elastic Wrap, (1) Skin Lube, (1) Triangle Bandage

Athletic Trainer Refill Kit
Athletic Trainer Refill Kit
  • Contains all the products you need to restock your trainer's kit in one easy purchase
  • Contents: (1) 3" Elastic Wrap, (1) Tuf-Skin®, (1) PVP Pack, (1) Roll Athletic Tape, (1) Instant Cold Pack, (2) Latex Gloves, (1) Bulk Bandage Pack, (1) Skin Lube, (1) Sam™ Finger Splint, (1) Iso-Quin®, (1) Sports Injury Handbook, (1) Zip-Cut™, (1) Atomic Balm®, (1) Cinder Suds®, (1) Tape Underwrap, (1) Pocket Mirror, (1) Sterile Eye Wash, (10) Antibiotic Creams
  • Cannot be shipped by air

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1089332 Cramer Coach's Team First Aid Kit $ 101.24 [ADD TO CART]
MDKITRFL Trainer Kit Refill $ 102.49 [ADD TO CART]
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