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Basketball Training Aids

Toss Back Training Aid
Toss Back Training Aid 1561XXXX

Product Details:
  • Develops passing quickness and accuracy
  • Adjusts easily for positive control
  • Net is 38" x 51"; Base is 62" x 45"; Frame arc is 354°
  • Set of drill instructions included
  • Will not mark floor

Model Description Price Order
1561XXXX Toss Back Training Aid $ 832.49 [ADD TO CART]
20001010 Toss Back Replacement Net and Bands $ 138.74 [ADD TO CART]
Master Toss Back®
Master Toss Back® 1271041
Product Details:
  • The same durability and training benefits as the Varsity Toss Back at an economical price
  • Designed primarily for basketball, yet can be used for many sports and physical education programs
  • Wide legs with suction cups make the unit stable
  • Folds tight for efficient storage
  • Can be adjusted for many different drills

Model Description Price Order
1271041 Master Toss Back® $ 203.49 [ADD TO CART]
The "Shooter" Ring
The "Shooter" Ring 1063732

Product Details:
  • Improves shooting accuracy
  • Attaches to all standard basketball goals to create a smaller diameter rim for shooting practice
  • The all metal ring design requires no tools for quick and easy installation.

Model Description Price Order
1063732 The "Shooter" Ring $ 20.34 [ADD TO CART]
McCalls Rebounder
 McCalls Rebounder 1007930

Product Details:

  • Known as the best rebound skill builder on the market today
  • Players sharpen their rebound skills, improve their balance, timing, and perception under the rim
  • Unit is adjustable from 7' up to 12' and moves easily on built-in smooth rolling casters

Model Description Price Order
1007930 McCalls Rebounder $ 2,999.00 [ADD TO CART]
Ultimate Rebounder
Ultimate Rebounder 1245851
Product Details:
  • Highly durable, lightweight molded plastic is easy to install and will not damage floor if dropped
  • Toss into goal or install/remove with a broom handle
  • Fits regulation 18" rims
  • Use for transition, rebound and missed shot drills
  • Buy 2 for full court play
  • Instructions included

Model Description Price Order
1245851 Ultimate Rebounder $ 138.74 [ADD TO CART]
Dribble Specs
 Dribble Specs 5710XXXX

Product Details:

  • Unique design helps condition players to dribble and handle the ball without looking down
  • Does not interfere with shooting

Model Description Price Order
5710XXXX Dribble Specs $ 4.34 [ADD TO CART]

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