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Unbreakable Polycarbonate Backboard
Unbreakable Polycarbonate Backboard 5407XXXX

Product Details:
• 1/2" thick polycarbonate material is virtually bullet-proof
• 42" x 54" size with white shooter's square
• 5" x 4" goal mounting hole pattern
Model Description Price Order
5407XXXX Unbreakable Polycarbonate Backboard

$ 1,332.49



Ultimate Steel Backboard
Ultimate Steel Backboard 5156XXXX

Product Details:
• 42"  X 60" playing surface
• Standard 20" X 35" mounting brackets
• Attaches to any current fan-shaped ceiling or wall mounted structure
• Edges are safety rolled eliminating sharp edges, increasing strength and rigidity
• Graffiti resistant finish
• 5" X 5" goal mounting hole pattern
• Not compatible with any MacGregor® outdoor systems
Model Description Price Order
5156XXXX Ultimate Steel Backboard $ 749.99 [ADD TO CART]


Official Aluminum Backboard
Official Aluminum Backboard 5035XXXX

Product Details:
•Maintenance free
•One-piece cast aluminum alloy; twice as thick but half the weight of steel
•For safety, see Protective Post Pads
•Fits 4 x 4, 4.5 x 4.5 and 5 x 5 mounting brackets
Model Description Price Order
5035XXXX Official Aluminum Silver Backboard With Goal and Net $ 389.99 [ADD TO CART]
5093XXXX Official Aluminum Silver Backboard Only $ 308.74 [ADD TO CART]
1171518 Official Aluminum White Powder Coated Backboard Only $ 365.61 [ADD TO CART]
1343045 Official Aluminum White Powder Coated Backboard with Goal and Net $ 430.61 [ADD TO CART]


Fan Shaped Backboard
 Fan Shaped Backboard 5152XXXX

Product Details:
• Possibly the best fan-shaped glass backboard on the market
• Built-in support strut greatly improves durability
• Official size 39" x 54"
• Cushioned 1/2" tempered glass
• Heavy duty aluminum framework
• Fire impregnated white border and shooter’s square
• Standard 20" x 35" mounting brackets

Optional Backboard DuraSkin™ Padding (specify color of padding: Black, Gray, Red and Royal)

Model Description Price Order
5152XXXX Fan Shaped Backboard with DuraSkin™ Padding $ 1,347.49 [ADD TO CART]
5153XXXX Fan Shaped Backboard Only $ 1,203.11 [ADD TO CART]

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