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Pitching/Hitting Sock Nets

Collegiate Sock Net and Frame

Sock Net and Frame, BS47700

Suitable for batting drills and pitching drills. Protective screen is 7'H x 7'W with 42" square sock. 1-1/2" square galvanized steel frame with swaged joints; frames slip together. Pillow case style double #36 polyethylene netting.


Model Description Price Order
BS47700 Collegiate Sock Net and Frame $ 248.00 [ADD TO CART]
BS47700NET Collegiate Sock Net Replacement Net $ 118.00 [ADD TO CART]

Varsity Sock Net with Frame

Varsity Sock Net with Frame, BSVSN

Frames are heavy duty 1-1/2" round green powder coated steel frames. Nets are #36 heavy duty weather treated polyethylene construction. Nets are double sided pillow case construction to slip over the frame.

Model Description Price Order
BSVSN Varsity Sock Net with Frame $ 198.00 [ADD TO CART]
BSVSNET Varsity Sock Net Replacement Net $  72.00 [ADD TO CART]

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