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SkyScan™ Lightning Detector


• Full digital microprocessor insures accuracy and reliability.
• Powered by two 9V batteries, (Approximately 40-70 hours usage), 120V A/C adapter, or by a 12V cigarette lighter. AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF after five hours of continuous operation.
• Alerts user of strong thunderstorms or squall lines, which might produce strong winds, heavy rains or even tornadoes.
• Rugged ABS plastic, weather resistant case.
• Dynamic packaging, designed to generate consumer awareness.
• 1 Year Limited Warranty.
SkyScan is the newest and most exciting weather product available anywhere in the world today. It is a hand-held instrument with the electronic sophistication to detect lightning as far as 40 miles away and accurately ranges its approach, by both an audible tone and by four LED’s which are ranged in miles (20-40, 8-20, 3-8, 0-3). This feature tells user if the storm is moving towards, away, or parallel to their position.
Model Description Price Order
SKYSCANX SkyScan $311.55 [ADD TO CART]
20026501 SkyScan Protective Case $54.06 [ADD TO CART]
20026502 SkyScan 120v A/C Adapter $54.06 [ADD TO CART]

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