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Bulldog Pitching Machines

Bulldog Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine, BBDOG1XX
Bulldog Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine

The BULLDOG™ is the latest concept in pitching machines. Features include:
• Speed Range: 30 - 60 MPH
• Urethane wheel which eliminates worries about air pressure
• Throws Baseballs, 11" and 12" Softballs
• Powered by a 1/4 HP D.C. motor or 110 Volt AC Generator
• Easy Operation and light weight portability
• Heavy duty legs are convertible for Baseball or Softball.

Model Description Price Order
BBDOG1XX Bulldog Pitching Machine $677.98 [ADD TO CART]
BBDOG1WL Balanced Replacement Wheel $216.62 [ADD TO CART]


Bulldog Two Wheel Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine, BULLELITEBB
Bulldog Elite 2 Wheel Pitching Machine

  • Throws curves, fastballs, sliders, sinkers and knuckleball
  • Can throw pop-ups as well as grounders
  • Pitch speed between 30 - 102 mph
  • Urethane wheels eliminate air pressure problems
  • Attached wheels for easy transport
  • Weight: 95 lbs.
  • Best suited to throw dimple balls
    Dimpled Machine Balls
  • Soft, durable yellow polyurethane
  • Designed safe for aluminum bats
Model Description Price Order
BULLELITEBB Bulldog Elite Baseball Pitching Machine $1,524.46 [ADD TO CART]
BULLELITESB Bulldog Elite Softball Pitching Machine $1,524.46 [ADD TO CART]
ZPMLEGSB Bulldog Elite Pitching Machine BB to SB conversion kit - Includes legs & chute $128.36 [ADD TO CART]
ZPMLEGBB Bulldog Elite Pitching Machine SB to BB conversion kit - Includes legs & chute $182.20 [ADD TO CART]
MCBDBYEL 9" Dimpled Machine Baseball $42.87 [ADD TO CART]
BBDSBALL 12" Dimpled Machine Softball $48.88 [ADD TO CART]

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