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Batting Tees

MacGregor Batting Tee

MacGregor Batting TeeMacGregor Batting Tee Prism Pack

Learning to bat is a big deal for a little kid. Get them started on the right path with this MacGregor® Batting Tee. It features adjustable hitting height from 20" to 36" so it grows as your batter grows.  Durable rubber components with solid metal base provide added weight for better stability. When it's their turn at bat, make sure the MacGregor Batting Tee stands ready to assist. 
  • Constructed of durable rubber components
  • Features a solid metal base for added weight
  • Adjustable hitting height from 20" to 36" 
  • Ideal for training players of all ages

Model Description Price Order
BBBATTEE MacGregor Batting Tee $  35.41 [ADD TO CART]
BBBATTUB MacGregor Batting Tee - 9 " Replacement Inside Tubes $  21.37 [ADD TO CART]
1336412 MacGregor Batting Tee - Prism Pack of Six $ 258.71 [ADD TO CART]

Tuffy Tee

Tuffy Tees

Designed with an integrated steel plate counter-weight the Tuffy Tee won’t fall over every time you miss-hit the ball. And tee stem placement is out in front of the plate where it should be, unlike most conventional tees. This is where you want to teach ball contact to best assure a high on-base percentage. ATEC Tuffy Tees are molded of high-strength polyurethane materials to give you unmatched durability. Adjustable from 20-39". Atec Tuffy Tees carry a 10 year limited warranty.

Model Description Price Order
TUFFTEE1 Tuffy Single Tee $ 167.65 [ADD TO CART]

Varsity 5 Position Batting Tee

Varsity 5 Position Batting Tee

Product Details:

• Rugged hard-rubber construction

• Learn to control ball contact points for inside, outside and down the middle

• Allows over 20 different drill positions to perfect your hitting game.

Schutt Travel Tee

Model Description Price Order
1154818 Varsity 5 Position Tee $  69.20 [ADD TO CART]
1249897 Varsity replacement top tube $  23.22 [ADD TO CART]

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