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Base/Fungo Screens

Professional Base/Fungo Screen

Pro Base/Fungo Screen, BSFPRO8, BSFPRO10

Sizes are 10' High x 10' Wide or 8' High x 8' Wide. Our Professional Screens are larger in size to accommodate collegiate and professional players. Frames are heavy wall schedule 40 aluminum pipe that is 1-5/8" diameter. Frame and wheel assemblies are welded for durability. Permanent 8" semi-pneumatic wheels for easy transport. Netting is #60 nylon weather treated, 1-3/4" mesh. Netting is fabricated in pillow case designs that slip over frames. Lacing is only required at the bottom to close the net. Wt 54 lbs.

Model Description Price Order
BSFPRO8 8' X 8' Pro Base/Fungo Screen $615.47 [ADD TO CART]
BSFPRO8N 8' X 8' Pro Replacement Net $202.65 [ADD TO CART]
BSFPRO10 10' X 10' Pro Base/Fungo Screen $704.04 [ADD TO CART]
BSFPRO10N 10' X 10' Pro Replacement Net $202.65 [ADD TO CART]

Collegiate First Base/Fungo Protector

First Base/Fungo Protector Screen, BS47710

Deluxe frames are heavy duty 1-1/2" square 17 gauge galvanized steel frames for extra rigidity. Frames are all 7' High x 7' Wide. Covered with black #36 heavy-duty slip-on weather treated polyethylene construction. Nets are double-sided pillow case construction and slip over frames. Wt 42 lbs.

Model Description Price Order
BS47710 First Base/Fungo Protector $ 257.44 [ADD TO CART]
BS47710NET First Base/Fungo Protector Replacement Net $ 105.07 [ADD TO CART]

Second Base/Fungo Protector Screen, BSFPRO16
Tri-Fold Fungo Screen
Tri-Fold Screen is made of heavy wall schedule 40 aluminum 1.9" O.D. pipe. Main 8' x 8' Screen with two 8' x 4' wings provides overall 8'H x 16'W protection. Includes two 8" transport wheels. Wings easily fold in for transport & storage. All slip-on double netting is #60 (3 mm) weather treated, 1-3/4" black mesh. Ideal for 2nd Base/Infield protection.

Model Description Price Order
BSFPRO16 Tri-Fold Fungo Screen 8' H x 16' W $ 968.25 [ADD TO CART]
BSFPRO8N Tri-Fold Fungo Screen Middle Section Replacement Net $ 202.65 [ADD TO CART]
1265279 Tri-Fold Fungo Screen Replacement Net (sold in pairs) $ 217.66 [ADD TO CART]

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