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MasterFile 2

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MasterFile 2
Safco Masterfile, 5023AH, 5024AH, 5025AH

MasterFile 2
MasterFile 2 is the high-density filing system that allows for quick and easy document storage and retrieval. Warranted for 5 years.

Individual documents are attached to self-adhesive, pre-punched carrier strips which are hung vertically from a set of pins and posts inside the MasterFile 2. Carrier strips allow documents to hang straight, eliminating fingerprint smudges and dog-eared corners. Stored at a comfortable height for easy access, document retrieval is a simple process that requires no stooping or bending.

MasterFile 2 holds up to 1600 3-mil original documents. Insulated double wall steel construction provides excellent document protection. All cabinets are available in an archival quality powder-coat Autumn Haze finish and are usually in stock. For non-stock colors abd lower prices,click here.
MasterFile 2 Accessories
MasterFile 2 Carrier Strips: All Carrier Strips are self-adhesive and can be cut into one hundred 24" strips, eighty 30" strips or fifty 48" strips. Each has pre-printed identification blocks for drawings. Model 6553 may also be used in Plan Hold MasterFile 4 series files.

Index/Out Guide: Used to log documents in and out of your MasterFile. Guides help keep you organized for quick document return. Packed 20 per carton.

Safco MasterFile 2 Accessories, 6551, 6552, 6553, 6554

W x D x H
5023AH MasterFile 2 for 24 x 36" Sheets (FREE SHIPPING!) 32 x 21-1/2 x 45" $ 3,296.87
5024AH MasterFile 2 for 30 x 42" Sheets (FREE SHIPPING!) 36 x 21-1/2 x 50" $ 3,935.90
5025AH MasterFile 2 for 36 x 48" Sheets (FREE SHIPPING!) 56 x 21-1/2 x 45" $ 4,577.83

MasterFile 2 Accessories
6551 2-1/4" Wide Film Laminate Strip - 217' $ 110.84
6552 2-1/4" Wide Polyester Strips - 217' $ 119.04
6553 2-1/4" Wide Polyester Strips - 216' $ 110.84

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