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Ghent Phantom Line Markerboards
We could all use a little help without everyone else knowing. Phantom Line Markerboards offer a 2" x 2" grid pattern with a unique twist. The light blue lines are only visible to those standing beside the board.

The lines are there to help the user, but are unseen by the audience. Perfect for drawing graphs, charts or a penmanship guide lines.

The grid lines themselves are ingrained beneath the non-magnetic laminate surface for years of dependable service, free from wear. Phantom Line Markerboards are backed by a full twenty-year guarantee.
Ghent Phantom Line Markerboards

Item# Description Price:*  
PLM3-23-0 Phantom Line Markerboard, 2' x 3' (Ships UPS) $ 67.48 [ADD TO CART]
PLM3-34-0 Phantom Line Markerboard, 3' x 4' $ 102.27 [ADD TO CART]
PLM3-44-0 Phantom Line Markerboard, 4' x 4' $ 156.69 [ADD TO CART]
PLM3-46-0 Phantom Line Markerboard, 4' x 6' $ 208.65 [ADD TO CART]
PLM3-48-0 Phantom Line Markerboard, 4' x 8' $ 279.50 [ADD TO CART]
* Phantom Line 2 x 3 Markerboards ship via UPS. All other sizes ship via freight services.

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