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Open Face Changeable Letterboards

Ghent Letterboard

Open Face Changeable Letterboards
When you need to communicate information that changes regularly, Ghent's open face letterboards are perfect for you. These quick-change artists let you create signs easily. The 16" x 12" letterboard comes with an easel back for use on countertops. Changeable letter panels are available in black or burgundy felt. A complete set of 3/4" letters, numbers and characters is included.
Ghent Gothic Letters

Plastic Insert Letters
Sets of white plastic letters, numbers and characters are available only in Gothic font styles. Letters insert securely into Ghent's precision-grooved letterboards. Choose from four convenient sizes. Click here for  letter count & type breakdown. A handy letter box (sold separately) with removable tray is a must for easy storage and handling.

Open Face Changeable Letterboards with Aluminum Frame
H x W
Item Number Price:*  
16" x 12" (UPS) CL1612 $ 81.59 [ADD TO CART]
24" x 18" (UPS) CL2418 $ 92.16 [ADD TO CART]
24" x 36" (UPS) CL2436 $ 143.46 [ADD TO CART]

Plastic Insert Letters - Gothic Font
Letter Size / # of letters, numbers and symbols Item Number Price:*  
1/2" / 216 LG12 $ 26.64 [ADD TO CART]
3/4" / 327 LG34 $ 26.96 [ADD TO CART]
1"  / 216 LG1 $ 27.93 [ADD TO CART]
1 1/2"  / 108 LG1-12 $ 29.35 [ADD TO CART]

A handy letter box (sold separately) with removable tray is a must for easy storage and handling.
Ghent Letters Storage Box with Tray

Letter Storage Box With Tray
Item Number Price:* 
S-1 (UPS) $ 31.69 [ADD TO CART]
* Letterboards and Accessories ship via UPS services.

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