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U.L. Burglary-Rated 1 Hour Fire Safes

All GBF safes were tested by the manufacturer along side a U.L. listed one-hour fire safe in an independent fire testing facility. The GBF safe actually outperformed the U.L. fire safe by 15 minutes. The exterior of the safe was heated to 1700°F for one hour and during that time the interior temperature of the safe was less than 270°F. A letter of certification is available upon request. All GBF safes carry Gardall's Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Gardall U.L. Burglary-Rated 1 Hour Fire Safes, GBF1713, GBF2016, GBF3318

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Standard Features
  • Door: 11/2" profile door panel with overall 4" thickness, insulated for protection against fire, with a "B" burglary rating.
  • Body: 1/8" plate steel with 21/2" of insulation and a metal inner shell.
  • Anti Burglary Components:
    • Hard plate to deter drilling.
    • Independent re-locking device.
    • Solid steel handle designed to shear off under attack.
    • Three massive 1" round chrome plated locking bolts.
    • Full length locking bar on hinge side of safe deterring prying attacks.
    • One anchoring hole in base for easy bolt down. (hardware included).
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee Intumescent seal to ensure a positive door seal in case of fire. Labels. Intumescent means an expandable door seal meant to protect your valuables from fire, smoke, and water damage.
  • U.L. Residential Security Container Burglary Label (RSC) Manufacturer's 350° 1 Hour Fire Label
  • Lock Options: Electronic, Combination, Single Key Deluxe Option (additional charge applies)
  • Gold handle, dial and trim with Hunter Green, Black, and Maroon
  • Standard colors: Gardall gray or sandstone.
Model Description: Approx.
BF1713 Burglary Safe with 1 shelf
Outside Dimensions: 21¼"H x 18¼"W x 20¼"D
Inside Dimensions: 16½"H x 13"W x 13¼"D
Cubic Inches: 2,842
355 lbs. $ 1,898.00 [ADD TO CART]
BF2016 Burglary Safe with 1 shelf
Outside Dimensions: 25¼"H x 21¾"W x 22 1/8"D
Inside Dimensions: 20"H x 16½"W x 15¼"D
Cubic Inches: 5,032
470 lbs. $ 2,125.00 [ADD TO CART]
BF3318 Burglary Safe with 2 shelves
Outside Dimensions: 38¼"H x 23"W x 26¼"D
Inside Dimensions: 33"H x 17¼"W x 18"D
Cubic Inches: 10,246
796 lbs. $ 2,75.00 [ADD TO CART]
* Safes ship via Freight Services.
Freight Service is Dock-to-Dock in US 48.
For lift gate and/or inside delivery or for residential service,
please select the freight option for this service in the shopping cart.
Additional charges will apply.

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