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"B" Rated Money Chests

These "B"-rated burglary safes are great for commercial storage or home use. They feature laser cut ½" plate steel doors, large locking bolts and bolt down capability. Available in four different sizes.
Gardall B Chest
Gardall B Chest Standard Features
  • ½" plate steel door
  • 5 active 1¼" locking bolts
  • S&G Group II combination lock
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • Full length locking bar to deter prying attack on hinges
  • 4 anchoring holes in bottom
  • S&G mechanical locks standard. Electronic lock available for additional charge (see below).
  • ½" steel plate door, ¼" prime steel body
Model Description: Approx.
B1515 "B" Rated Money Chest
Outside Dimensions: 15"H x 15¾"W x 12¼"D
Inside Dimensions: 14½"H x 15¼"W x 10½"D
2322 Cubic Inches
130 lbs. $1,020.00 [ADD TO CART]
B2015 "B" Rated Money Chest
Outside Dimensions: 20½"H x 15¾"W x 18¼"D
Inside Dimensions: 20"H x 15¼"W x 15¾"D
4804 Cubic Inches
161 lbs. $ 1,260.00 [ADD TO CART]
B2018 "B" Rated Money Chest
Outside Dimensions: 21¼"H x 19¼"W x 22¾"D
Inside Dimensions: 20¾"H x 18¾"W x 20½"D
7976 Cubic Inches
214 lbs. $1,485.00 [ADD TO CART]
B2818 "B" Rated Money Chest (not pictured)
Outside Dimensions: 30"H x 19"W x 23"D
Inside Dimensions: 28"H x 18"W x 20"D
10,080 Cubic Inches
271 lbs. $ 2,065.00 [ADD TO CART]
B2815 "B" Rated Money Chest (not pictured)
Outside Dimensions: 28½"H x 23½"W x 17¾"D
Inside Dimensions: 28"H x 22½"W x 15"D
8277 Cubic Inches
329 lbs. $2,370.00 [ADD TO CART]
  LaGard LCE Group II Electronic Lock (Installed)   $ 168.75 [ADD TO CART]
* Safes ship via Freight Services.
Freight Service is Dock-to-Dock in US 48.
For lift gate and/or inside delivery or for residential service,
please select the freight option for this service in the shopping cart.
Additional charges will apply.

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