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Caribbean Verticals Collection

"Arch 1 and Arch 2"
628a Arch 1 by Steve Vaughn 628b Arch 1 by Steve Vaughn

(a)      each sold separately     (b)

Steve Vaughn travels throughout the Caribbean, Central America and the United States capturing big, sweeping images of some of the most spectacular places you ever would want to visit. His art is the next best thing to being on vacation. His images are digitally scanned and printed with archival quality inks onto canvas in a printing process referred to as "giclee". The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction The quality of these reproductions is sure to give anybody the prestige and satisfaction of a serious fine art collector. In fact, Steve's giclee canvas art does not even need to be framed with glass to look amazing - This art work is offered as an open edition printed on canvas, stretched on frame bars, gallery wrapped and shipped ready to hang. The natural texture of the canvas gives these prints the look and feel of an original oil painting. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Standard ground shipping within the 48 U.S. states is free. Call us at 800-338-5370 if you need volume pricing.


628a-40 Caribbean--"Arch 1" on canvas 40"H x 14"W $173.00 [ADD TO CART]
628a-60 Caribbean--"Arch 1" on canvas 60"H x 18"W $283.00 [ADD TO CART]
628a-70 Caribbean--"Arch 1" on canvas 70"H x 20"W $415.00 [ADD TO CART]
628a-80 Caribbean--"Arch 1" on canvas 80"H x 24"W $525.00 [ADD TO CART]
628b-40 Caribbean--"Arch 2" on canvas 40"H x 14"W $173.00 [ADD TO CART]
628b-60 Caribbean--"Arch 2" on canvas 60"H x 18"W $283.00 [ADD TO CART]
628b-70 Caribbean--"Arch 2" on canvas 70"H x 20"W $415.00 [ADD TO CART]
628b-80 Caribbean--"Arch 2" on canvas 80"H x 24"W $525.00 [ADD TO CART]


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