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Swing Trainers

Striker II
Striker II Hitting Trainer

Can be used as a warm-up device or a highly effective swing trainer. Equipped with a reduced injury factor baseball only. Includes the unique WEAR INDICATOR FEATURE to visually alert the user when tether replacement is necessary due to extensive wear and tear. Quickly attaches to any chain link fence. Fits easily into player or equipment bags to go anywhere.

Model Description Price Order
STRIKER2 Striker II $82.49 [ADD TO CART]
1037081 Striker II Replacement Ball and Tether $32.80 [ADD TO CART]


Hit-A-Way Swing Trainer
Hit-A-Way Baseball Swing Trainer without Pole

Simulates pitches without chasing balls. Develops hand eye coordination and is the perfect tool when learning to switch hit. New materials in cord produce better timing to develop stance and swing mechanics. Hit-A-Way is very easy to carry, weighing less than two pounds. Can be stored in bat bags, back packs or carry- alls. (Post not included).

Hit-A-Way Softball Swing Trainer
Hit-A-Way Softball Swing Trainer without Pole

Leah O’Brien-Amico, three-time Olympic gold medal winner for women’s softball, recommends this trainer as “an effective way to improve your game.” For ages 6 and up. (Post not included).
Model Description Price Order
5HITAWAYBB Hit-A-Way baseball without pole. $ 36.99 [ADD TO CART]
5HITAWAYSB Hit-A-Way softball without pole $ 36.99 [ADD TO CART]
=RotorTwin Hitting Trainer
RotorTwin Hitting Trainer

Makes chasing balls a thing of the past.  Proper swing spins the "Rotor" smoothly, giving instant feedback.  Durable, lightweight, portable and affordable. Includes sandbags and instructional video.

Model Description Price Order
5ROTTWMBB RotorTwin Hitting Trainer $157.24 [ADD TO CART]
Strike Zone
Strike Zone

Heavy Duty design clamps to posts 2 1/2" to 4" in diameter with tools. Creates great warm-up/Hitting station. Available in baseball or softball version.

Model Description Price Order
1274183 Strike zone - baseball $ 174.24 [ADD TO CART]
1274190 Strike zone - softball $ 174.24 [ADD TO CART]
1274806 Strike zone extra ball and rope (specify baseball or softball when ordering) $ 39.96 [ADD TO CART]

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