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Fungo Bats

Easton Maple Wood Fungo Bat
Easton Maple Wood Fungo Bat
Professional Grade Maple. 7/8" Handle, 37" Length, Cupped End. Color options: Black/Clear, Black/Navy, Black/Red, Black/Royal.

MacGregor Aluminum Fungo Bat
MacGregor Aluminum Fungo Bat
All purpose aluminum infield / outfield practice bat. Exclusively for hitting infield and fly balls. Weighs 4 oz. less than length for easy maneuverability. Size 36"/23 oz..

Model Description Price Order
1184631 Easton Maple Wood Fungo Bat $ 56.09 [ADD TO CART]
MCBATFNG MacGregor Aluminum Fungo Bat $ 38.99 [ADD TO CART]

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