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Executive Wall Costumer Rich Wood Finish or Laminate Colors

The PC550 offers great convenience and space efficiency for today's fast paced office environments. Both models, the PC550 and PC550N, feature 2 hat knobs and 2 solid hardwood hangers. The hangers also come with theft deterent mini hooks. The can be mounted to any solid core door or wall. The mounting hoes are speced at 16 inches on center to allow secure attachemtn to studs in a wall.

The PC550 features polished chrome hardware, 2 hat knobs, 2 hanger support knobs and 2 solid hardwood hangers to match walnut, oak , mahogany, black or cherry laminate panels.

The PC550N features walnut, oak, mahogany, black, cherry or grey laminate panels with knobs in Black with matching wood hangers (walnut, oak , mahogany, black, cherry or grey).
Magnuson Group PC Hanger Colors
Item Code Description Price*  
PC-550N Wall Costumer 6" x 18" Panel w/4 hooks/hangers & 2 matching wood hangers, 5 lbs. $ 105.88 [ADD TO CART]
PC-550 Wall Costumer 6" x 18" Panel w/2 matching wood hangers, 5 lbs. $ 102.94 [ADD TO CART]

* Executive Wall Costumers ship via UPS services.

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