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The Professor (ESH101) is the world’s first microscope designed with above light for viewing opaque specimens. The Professor is a low cost solution for introducing student to the world of microscopy. With a compact size, battery power (NOT INCLUDED) and glass optics, The Professor by Ken-A-Vision is the ideal microscope for working in classroom or in the field. The Professor is available for purchase as a single unit or in pack of ten.

The Professor Stereo (ESH200) is the world's first inclined binocular stereo microscope designed specifically for students. This stereoscope is made of high impact resistant plastic and all glass optics for clean, crisp viewing. The Professor Stereo is also available for purchase as a single unit or in packs of ten. Due to shipping regulations, Ken-a-vision no longer ships alkaline batteries.


  • Top Light for Macro-magnifications
  • High Impact Plastic Construction
  • 4x, 10x, 40x Glass objective lens
  • 10x Glass eyepiece
  • 300 Hours of operation utilizing three AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Dust cover
  • 10 Safety Slides (5 prepared, 5 blank)
The Professor Cordless Lighted Microscopes, ESH101
The Professor, ESH100The Professor Cordless Lighted Microscopes, ESH200
The Professor, ESH200
Weight 1.25 lbs / 0.57 kg
Dimensions 11.75"H X 4.75"W X 6”
30 cm X 12 cm X 15.2 cm
Eyepiece 10x
Optics Glass
Head 45° angle single fixed
Objective Lens 4x, 10x, 40x
Stage Size 3.25" X 3.5" / 8.5 cm X 9.0 cm
Diaphragm 6 aperture disc
Above Stage Lighting Ken-A-Vision LED Cool Lighting
Illuminator - Sub Stage Ken-A-Vision LED Cool Lighting
Power Source 3 AA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
ESH101 Single Unit
ESH111 10 Microscopes
Accessories 10 Safety Slides
(5 prepared, 5 blank)
Warranty One Year

Weight 1.25 lbs / 0.57 kg
Dimensions 5.5" X 4.5" X 9"
14cm X 12cm X 23cm
Eyepiece 10x
Optics Glass
Head 45° angle single fixed
Adjustable binocular eyepiece
Objective Lens 2x
Stage Plate Reversible black / white
Above Stage Lighting Ken-A-VisionLED Cool Lighting
Power Source 2 AA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
ESH200 Single Unit
ESH210 10 Microscopes
Base 5.5" x 4.5" / 14cm x 12cm
Warranty One Year

The Professor and Accessories
Model Description Price Order
ESH101 The Professor Microscope $ 78.00 [ADD TO CART]
ESH111 The Professor 10-Pack (10 Microscopes) $ 630.00 [ADD TO CART]
ESH200 The Professor Stereo Microscope $ 84.40 [ADD TO CART]
ESH210 The Professor Stereo 10-Pack (10 Microscopes) $ 718.00 [ADD TO CART]

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