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Ken-a-vision Video Flex 7300
Document Cameras

HD Video Flex

FlexCam 2
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Vision Viewers
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1401KR PupilCAM Microscope Camera
Specialty Cameras


Furniture Cam

Fume Hood Cam

Ceiling Document Camera

























Kenavision Prep Scopes
Compound Microscopes

Compound Microscope: a single light path passes through multiple lenses within an eye tube and a series of three or four objective lenses on the ‘head’ which can be rotated into place. The image produced is a two dimensional (2-D) image.

Comprehensive Scopes 2

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CoreScopes 2
EduCam (Mobile App) Optimized

Ken-a-vision T-19542C Digital Microscope
Digital Microscopes

Digital Microscope: A microscope and video camera are integrated together with a digital USB output.

Digital Comprehensive Scopes 2

Digital Corescope 2

kena™ Digital Microscope
EduCam (Mobile App) Optimized






















Ken-a-vision Stereo Microscopes, Visionscope, T-2600, T-2200, T-2202, T-2204, T-2206, T-2400
Stereo Microscopes

Stereoscope: binocular viewing of two separate light paths, which produce a three dimensional(3-D) image for viewing larger specimen.

VisionScope 2

VisionScope 2 Cordless

Ken-a-vision T-19241C Research Scope
Specialty Microscopes

Comparison Scopes

kena™ Digital Microscope

X2000 Microprojector






















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