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Jelco Cases for the multimedia and audiovisual presentation industry
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EL-42 EZ-LIFT TV Lift Case for
37" - 46" Flat Screens

EL-42 EZ-LIFT TV Lift Case for 37" - 46" Flat ScreensEL-42 EZ-LIFT TV Lift Case for 37" - 46" Flat Screens

The ROI on your investment just went up! Your previously stationary flat screen monitor has now been mobilized. JELCO's EZ-LIFT, the original hydraulic lift case, is designed to make shipping, displaying, and protection of large flat screen TVs practical and cost-effective. The EZ-LIFT mechanism gently raises the large flat screen display into viewing position.

EZ-LIFT road cases can easily be moved from room to room by only one person, and doesn't require electrical power. Each EZ-LIFT case is customized specifically to protect your particular equipment model.

The EZ-LIFT lift case is ideal for rapid-setup applications including: mobile marketing, digital signage applications, trade shows, rentals, corporate conference rooms, military installations, video conferencing, classroom use, hospitality, courtrooms and more.

JELCO understands that every monitor is different which is why every case is specifically designed to protect your particular equipment model.

When ordering, please provide the brand and model number of the monitor to ensure the correct fit.

  • Fits 37"-42", and some 46" Flat Screens LCD/Plasma (see Monitor listing below)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 48"x 19" x 51"
  • Product Weight: 192 lbs
  • 1 year Limited Warranty on EZ-LIFT Case, 5 year limited warranty on gas springs.
  • Availability: Typically ships within 2-4 business days
EZ Lift Drape Kit

Need a dress option for your EZ-LIFT? The EL-12 Drape Kit fits the EZ-LIFT EL-42. Drape kit includes the draping and fasteners.

  • Dimensions: 132"x 43"
  • Product Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
EL-21 EZ-LIFT/RotoLift Hanging Equipment Shelf

The EL-21 EZ-LIFT/RotoLift hanging equipment shelf slides onto the lip of the EZ-LIFT or RotoLift case to hold a DVD player, laptop computer and related items.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 17" x 13" x 3"
  • Weight: 7 lbs.

Model No. Description Price  
EL-42 EL-42 EZ-LIFT TV Lift Case for 37" - 46" Flat Screens $ 2,972.00 [ADD TO CART]
EL-12 Accessory: Drape Kit for EL-42 $ 178.67[ADD TO CART]
EL-21 Accessory: Hanging Equipment Shelf $ 96.00[ADD TO CART]
JPC-40 Accessory: Padded Cover for 37"-40" flat screen monitors $ 126.67 [ADD TO CART]
JPC-42 Accessory: Padded Cover for 40"-42" flat screen monitors $ 129.33 [ADD TO CART]
JPC-46 Accessory: Padded Cover for 46" flat screen monitors $ 137.33 [ADD TO CART]
The EL-42 can accommodate the following Monitors:
Monitor Brand Monitor Models
Akai LCT37Z7TA, LCT42Z7TA, PDP 4290, PDP4273M, PDP4294
Akira ALM4202, EPM 420A, EPM 420B, SV 4201, SV 4201H, SV 4202 IQ
Barco LC-40, LC-42, LCN-42, LCS-42, LCS-47
BenQ DV 3750, PQ4242, SD3731, SD3742, SH3731, SH3742, SH4231, SH4242, SJ4231, SK3731, SQ4242, VA371, VA421, VB3732, VJ4211, VL3733, VL4233
Christie FP40
Clarity Bobcat, SN-4045-WX
Dell W4200, W4201C
Dukane P42, P42A, P42A2, P42HC
Electrograph DTS 4230, DTS37LTD, DTS42LTD, DTS42PTD, DTS46LTD, RevolutionHD S42LTD
Elo 4220L
Envision L37W698, L42H761, L42W761
Envision / AOC A42HD84, A42W64AT4
Faroudja FPP-42HD10
Fujitsu P42HCA11WH, P42HCA30WH, P42HCA51WH, P42HHA10WS, P42HHA30WS, P42VCA21UH, P42VCA30WH, P42VCA51WH, P42VHA20US, P42VHA30WS, P42VHA51WS, P42XHA58EB, P42XTA51UB, P42XTA51US, PDS4203, PDS4207, PDS4209, PDS4211, PDS4212, PDS4214, PDS4221, PDS4222, PDS4229, PDS4233, PDS4241, PDS4242
Gateway 42ED, 42HD
Hitachi 32HDT50, 32HDT55, 32HDX60, 37HDL52, 42HDF39, 42HDF52, 42HDM12, 42HDM70, 42HDT50, 42HDT55, 42HDX60, CMP307XU, CMP402, CMP4120, CMP4121HDU, CMP4201, CMP4202, CMP4203, CMP420V1, CMP420V2, CMP4211, CMP4212, CMP4221U, L42A403, L42S503, P42A202, P42H401, P42T501, UT37V702, UT37X902, UT42V702, UT42X902
Hyundai E370D, E373D, E420D, E423D, E425D
InFocus TD 30
JVC GD-463D10U, GD-V4200PZW, GD-V4210, GD-V4211, GD-V42u, GM-H40L2GU, GM-P420UG, GM-V42, LT-37E488, LT-37X688, LT-37X987, LT-40FH97, LT-40FN97, LT-42E478, LT-42E488, LT-42J300, LT-42P300, LT-42SL89, LT-42WX70, LT-42X579, LT-42X688, LT-42X788, LT-46SL89, LT-47X788
Kreisen KR-370T
LG 32LP1D, 37LB5D, 37LC5DC, 37LC7D, 37LF11, 37LG30, 37LG30DC, 37LG50, 37LG60, 37LH20, 37LH30, 37LH40, 37LH55, 42LB4D, 42LB5D, 42LB5DC, 42LBX, 42LC2D, 42LC5DC, 42LC7D, 42LF11, 42LG30, 42LG30DC, 42LG50, 42LG60, 42LG70, 42LH20, 42LH200C, 42LH30, 42LH40, 42LH50, 42LH55, 42LH90, 42PB4D, 42PC5D, 42PC5DC, 42PM1M, 42PM3MV, 42PM4M, 42PQ30, 42PZ10, 42SL80, 42SL90, M3701C, M3702C, M3702C-BA, M4200C-BA, M4200N-B10, M4201C, M4210, M4210C-BA, M4210D-B21, M4210N-B21, M4212, M4212C-BA, M4212T-BA, M4213CCBA, MU-40PA10B, MU-40PA15B, MU-42PM1M, MU-42PZ41V, MU-42PZ90XC, PZ40 Series, PZ90 Series
Magnavox 37MD359B, 37MF337B, 37MF437B, 42MD459B, 42MF230A, 42MF437B, 42MF438B, 42MF439B, 42MF7000
Marantz PD 4240D, PD 4293D
Maxent ML-3731HLT, MX-42HPM20, MX-42HPT51
Mitsubishi LDT322V w/side spkrs, LDT371V, LDT421V, LDT421V2, LDTV146, LT-37131, LT-37132, LT-40133, LT-40134, LT-40148, LT-46133, LT-46144, LT-46148, LT-46149, LT-46151, LT-46153, LT-46244, LT-46246, LT-46249, MDT402S, MDT421S, MDT461S, MLM300, MLM400
NEC 4210W, 42MP1, 42PD1, 42PD2, 42PD3, 42VM5, 42VP4, 42VP4D, 42VP5, 42VR5, 42XC10, 42XM2, 42XM3, 42XM4, 42XM5, 42XP10, 42XR3, 42XR5, LCD 3000, LCD 4000, LCD 4010, LCD 4610, LCD3735WXM, LCD4010-IT, LCD4020-2-AV, LCD4020-2-IT, LCD4020-AV, LCD4020-IT, LCD4215, LCD4610-IT, LCD4620-2-AV, LCD4620-2-IT, LCD4620-AV, LCD4620-IT, M40, M40-2-AV, M40-2-AVT, M40-AV, M40-AVT, M40-IT, M40B-AV, M40B-AVT, M46-AV, M46-AVT, M46-IT, M46B-AV, M46B-AVT, MP2, MP3, MP4, P1000, P401 w/side spkrs, P401-AVT w/side spkrs, P42XP10-BK, P461, P461-AVT, P4650D, PV40, PV40 w/bottom spkrs, PV40AVT, X461HB, X461UN
Olevia 237T, 242T, 242T FHD, 337H, 537H, 542i, LT42HVi
Ovideon LCS4240, LCS4240-TS
Panasonic PT-37P1, TC-37LZ800, TC-37LZ85, TC-42PS14, TC-42PX14, TC-L37X1, TC-L42U12, TC-P42C1, TC-P42G10, TC-P42G15, TC-P42S1, TC-P42U1, TC-P42X1, TH-37PD25 U/P, TH-37PH10, TH-37PH10UK, TH-37PHD8UK, TH-37PR9U, TH-37PWD4UZ, TH-37PWD7UY, TH-37PWD8UK, TH-37PX25U/P, TH-37PX60U, TH-42PD12UK, TH-42PF11UK, TH-42PH10UK, TH-42PH10UKA, TH-42PH11UK, TH-42PHD5UY, TH-42PHD6UY, TH-42PHD7UY, TH-42PHD8UK, TH-42PR10U, TH-42PS9UK, TH-42PV7HS, TH-42PWD3U, TH-42PWD4UY, TH-42PWD5UY, TH-42PWD6UY, TH-42PWD8UK, TH-42PWDP1, TH-42PWDP2, TH-42PX6U, TH-42PX75U, TH-42PX80U, TH-42PZ700U, TH-42PZ800U, TH-42PZ80Q, TH-42PZ80U, TH-42PZ85U, TH-PWD5UZ, TH-PWD6UY, TH42PH9UK, TH42PWD7UY, TH42PX60U
Philips 32FP9954, 32PF7321D, 32PF9996, 37PF7320A, 37PFL5322D-37, 37PFL5332D-37, 37PFL7332D-37, 42-3D6W02, 4225E/00, 42FD9934, 42FD9935, 42HFL5860D/27, 42PFL3403D-27, 42PFL3403D-F7, 42PFL3603D-27, 42PFL3603D-F7, 42PFL5332D-37, 42PFL5603D-27, 42PFL5603D-F7, 42PFL7332D-37, 42PFL7403D-27, 42PFL7403D-F7, 42PFL7422D-37, 42PFL7432D-37, 42PFL7603D/27, 42PFL7704D-F7, 42PFP5332D-37, 42TA648BX-37, 42TA648BX-F7, BDH4223V, BDL4221V/27, BDL4251V/00, BDS4241V, BDS4611
Philips Magnavox 37MF337B, 37MF437B, 42MF337B, 42MF437B
Pioneer PDP-425CMX, PDP-4270HD, PDP-427CMX, PDP-4280HD, PDP-4330HD, PDP-433CMX, PDP-433MXE, PDP-434CMX, PDP-4360HD, PDP-V401, PDP-V402, PRO-800HDi, Pro-930HD, PRO-940HD, PRO-950HD
Planar PD370, PD420, PD470
RCA L37WD14, L40FHD380, L40FHD41, L40HD36, L42FHD2X48, L42FHD37, L42FHD37R, L42FHD38, L42WD22, L42WD250, L46FHD2X48, PR42300, PSP42300
Runco CW-42HD, CW-42i, CX-40HD, SP-42, SP-42DHD, SP-42DHDxa, SP-42xa
Samsung 323T, 400CX, 400CX-2, 400CXn, 400CXn-2, 400DX, 400FP-2, 400FPn-2, 400MPn, 400MXn, 400P, 400PX, 400PXn, 400TSn-2, 400UXn, 403T, 460CX, 460CX-2, 460CXn, 460CXn-2, 460DR, 460DRn, 460DX, 460DX-2, 460DXn, 460DXn-2, 460FP-2, 460FPn-2, 460MPn, 460P, 460PN, 460PX, 460PXn, 460TSn, 460TSn-2, 460UXn, HP-S4233, HP-S4253, HP-S4273, HP-T4234, HP-T4254, HP-T4264, LA40A330, LN37A330, LN37A450, LN37A530, LN37A550, LN40A450, LN40A530, LN40A540, LN40A550, LN40A630, LN40A650, LN40A750, LN40B500, LN40B530, LN40B540, LN40B550, LN40B610, LN40B630, LN40B640, LN40B650, LN40B750, LNR408D, LNS4041D, LNS4092D, LNS4095D, LNS4096D, LNT3732H, LNT375H, LNT4032H, LNT4042H, LNT4053H, LNT405H, LNT4061F, LNT4065F, LNT4066F, LNT4071, LNT4661F, LTM 405W, PL42A450, PN42A410, PN42A450, PN42B400, PN42B430, PN42B450, PPM 2H3, PPM 42H3, PPM 42M5H, PPM 42M5S, PPM 42S2, PPM 42S3, PPM42H3, PPM42M5H, PPM42M6H, PPM42M7H, PS42A410, SP-S4223, SP-S4243, SPN 4235, SPR4232X, UN40B6000, UN40B7000
Sansui HDLCD4212
Sanyo DP37647, DP42647, DP42848, DP42849, PDP-32H1A, PDP-32H1W, PDP-42HIA, PDP-42WV1AS, PID-42AE1
Sceptre X370BV-FHD, X370BV-HD, X37SV-Naga, X400BV-FHD, X420BV-F120, X420EV-F120, X420PV-F120, X42BV-FullHD, X42GV - Komodo, X42GV-Naga, X42GV-Naga w/BTM spkrs
Sharp LC-32SB24U, LC-37D42U, LC-37D43U, LC-37D44U, LC-37D62U, LC-37D64U, LC-37D90U, LC-37GP1U, LC-37SH20, LC-37SH20U, LC-40C37U, LC-40E67U, LC-40E67UN, LC-40E77U, LC-40E77UN, LC-40LE700UN, LC-42BT10U, LC-42D43U, LC-42D62U, LC-42D64U, LC-42D65U, LC-42D65UT, LC-42D72U, LC-42D85U, LC-42SB45U, LC-42SB45UT, LC-45GD4U, LC-45GD5U, LC-45GD6U, LC-45GX6U, LC-46D64U, LC-46LE700UN, LC-46SB54U, LC-46SE94U, LC-46SE94U w/bottom spkrs, LC-C3742U, LC-C4067UN, LC-C4254U, LC-C4654U, LC-M3700, LC37AX5M, LC37BX5M, LC37BX6M, LC37PX5M, LC42BX5M, LC42G7M, LC42PX5M, LC45GD7U, PN-455, PN-455RU, PN-455RUP, PN-465UP, PN-E421, TL-M4600
Sony FWD 42PX2, FWD-40LX1, FWD-40LX2, FWD-42PV1, FWD-S42H1, FWDS47H1, KDL-32N4000, KDL-37L4000, KDL-37M4000, KDL-37M4000-91, KDL-37M4000-92, KDL-37M4000-93, KDL-37N4000, KDL-37XBR6, KDL-40BR6, KDL-40S2010, KDL-40S3000, KDL-40S4100, KDL-40S5100, KDL-40V2500, KDL-40V3000, KDL-40V4100, KDL-40V4150, KDL-40V5100, KDL-40VE5, KDL-40W3000, KDL-40W4100, KDL-40XBR3, KDL-40XBR4, KDL-40XBR9, KDL-40Z4100, KDL-40Z4100B, KDL-40Z4100S, KDL-40Z5100, KDL-42V4100, KDL-46S2010, KDL-46W5100, KDL-46W5150, KDL-46XBR10, KDL-46XBR6, KDL-46XBR9, KDL-46Z4100, KDL-46Z4100B, KDL-46Z4100S, KDL-46Z5100, KLV-30XBR900, KLV-40ZX1M, PFM-42B1, PFM-42B2, PFM-42PV1/S, PFM-42V1, PFM-42V1/S, PFM-42X1, PFM-42X1-S, PFM-500A1WU, PFM-500A2, PFM-500A3W, PFM-510A1W, PFM-510A2W
Sylvania 6842PE, LC370SS8, LC370SS9, LC420SS8, LC427SSX, LD370SC8, LD370SS8, LD370SSX, LD427SSX
Tatung DS42-AV, L37LA50W53A, L42LA50W53A, L42LD50W73A, L42MD503DW73A
Tek Panel TP370
Toshiba 32CV510U, 37AV500U, 37AV502U, 37AV52U, 37HL67, 37HLV66, 37RV530U, 40FX550U, 40RV525R, 40RV525U, 40RV52R, 40RV52U, 40XV640U, 42HL167, 42HL67, 42LX177, 42LX196, 42LZ196, 42RV530U, 42RV535U, 42XV540U, 42XV545U, 42ZV650U, 46RV530U, 46RV535U, 46XV540U, 46XV545U, P42LHA, P42LSA
Vidikron VL-40, VP-4200, VP-4200a
Viewsonic CD4220, N3235W, N3735w, N3751w, N3752w, N3760w, N4050w, N4060w, N4251w, N4285p, N4290p, VPW420, VPW423, VPW425, VPW4255, VPW450HD
VIZIO SV420M, SV420XVT, SV421XVT, SV422XVT, VL420M, VO37LF, VO400E, VO420E, VO42LF, VOJ37OF, VP422, VP423, VS370, VS420LF, VT420M, VW37L, VW42LF, VX42L
Westinghouse LTV-37w2, LTV-37W2HD, LTV-40w1 HDC, LVM-37w1, LVM-37w3, LVM-42W2, SK-40H520S, SK-42H240S, SK-42H330S, TX-42F430S, TX-42F450S, TX-42F970Z, VK-42F240S, VK-42F480S, VM-42F140S, W4207
Zenith L30W36, P40V24, P42W22B, P42W24, P42W34, Z37LC6D, Z37LZ5D, Z42LC6D, Z47LC6D

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