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Listening Centers
CD/Cassette/Radio, 6 Station
CD/Cassette/Radio, 2 Station
Economical 6 Station
Economical 8 Station
4, 6 or 8 Station with holder

Lab Packs, 24 Deluxe Headsets
Lab Packs, 24 Personal Headsets

4 Station Wireless
6 Station Wireless


Hamilton Economical 6 Jack Stereo/Mono Listening Center

Hamilton Economical 6 Jack Stereo/Mono Listening Center,  LCB/JBP-6S/HA5

Listening Centers in new economial laminated Carrying Box. This light-weight, laminated carrying case is ideal for any classroom setting. It allows for listening centers to be easily carried, moved and stored, by providing adequate space for any jackbox or cassette and headphones space provided to mark teacher and class room.

Listening Center features two in one operation use with six stereo or mono sources and automatically adjusts with new ASM™ auto stereo/mono technology (patent pending). Select between standard set (LCB/JBP-6S/HA5) or set with individual volume controls (LCB/JBP-6SV/HA5).

Warranty: one year Weight (lbs): 7 Dimensions: 7.5"h x 18.75"l x 15.25"w

About the JBP-6SV Jacks...
This six position jack box includes 6 1/4 headphone jacks and 6 individually adjustable volume controls. Provides Stereo sound. Constructed of durable heavy gauge plastic. Medium gray. 3' long connection cable with dual source plug for 1/4 or 1/8 jack.Warranty: one yearWeight (lbs): 0.6. Dimensions: 2.125"H x 5.25"L x 5.25"D.

About the HA5 Headphones...
Model HA5 features two-in-one operation in 1/4 in stereo and 1/4 inch mono modes. New soft leatherette style washable, replaceable ear cushions, new easier-to-wear lighter design with swivel ear-cups and soft coil, 3 meter long cord (almost 10 feet!) all contribute to longer fatigue-free use. Now in easy to mark medium gray colors. Use in groups with a listening center jackbox. One year warranty. Impedance: 170 Ohms; Frequency response: 18-20k Hz. Cord: 3meters. Speaker drivers: 57mm cobalt magnet type. Weight 8 ounces.

Hamilton JBP6  Listening Center
Hamilton HA5 Listening Center
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LCB/JBP-6SV/HA5 Hamilton Economical 6 Jack Stereo/Mono Listening Center with individual volume control $ 88.21 [ADD TO CART]
LCP/JBP-6SV/HA5 Hamilton Economical 6 Jack Stereo/Mono Listening Center with individual volume control and carrying case $ 102.14 [ADD TO CART]
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