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Listening Centers
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Lab Packs, 24 Deluxe Headsets
Lab Packs, 24 Personal Headsets

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Personal Headphone Lab/Class Packs

Select one of four Headset Styles
Hamilton Personal Headphone Lab/Class Pack

Ideal for use with multimedia computers in the classroom. The Personal Stereo Mono Headphone has a 3 meter straight cord with a 1/8 stereo/mono mini plug, and comes with a 1/4 stereo/mono adapter. Each HA-2 comes packed in it's own write-on reclosable bag. Warranty: one year Weight (lbs): 8 Dimensions: 9"h x 20"L x 11"d
About the Headsets...
Students need never worry about sharing when they use a super affordable Hamilton personal educational headphone, now in 4 different styles. Choose from our standard HA2 with foam ear cushions, our HA2V with volume control, our MS2L with leatherette cushions or our MS2LV with volume control.Write on bags with students name and headphone now comes in easy to write-on, medium gray colors.

Now featuring Hamilton's exclusive ASM™ automatic stereo/mono technology (patent-pending). With ASM™ these headphones can be safely used with virtually all school audio equipment. No longer worry about mismatching headphones between different sources and damaging ears or equipment. No switches to set or special plug adapters to change--the headphone knows if it is plugged into a stereo or mono system and automatically adjusts! Use with educational style cassette players, record players, CD/cassette boom boxes, DVD, VCR, TV, home stereo or multi-media computer equipment. Operates in 1/8 inch stereo, 1/8 inch mono, 1/4 inch stereo or 1/4 inch mono modes. Cobalt magnet drivers provide high-fidelity stereo sound.

Impedance: 170 Ohms;

Frequency response: 18-20k Hz.

Cord: 2 meters.

Speaker drivers: 40mm cobalt magnet type.

Weight: 5 Ounces.

Dimensions: 2"h x 6"l x 5"d

Full one year warranty.

Cushion refresh kits available for both foam and leatherette cushions.

Hamilton HA2 Class Pack
Hamilton HA2V Class Pack
Hamilton MS2L Class Pack
Hamilton MS2LV Class Pack
Item Code: Description: Price:*  
LCP/24/HA2 Hamilton Personal Headphone Lab/Class Pack - 24 HA2 Standard Headsets with Bags $ 165.81 [ADD TO CART]
LCP/24/HA2V Hamilton Personal Headphone Lab/Class Pack - 24 HA2V Volume Control Headsets with Bags $ 199.64 [ADD TO CART]
LCP/24/MS2L Hamilton Personal Headphone Lab/Class Pack - 24 MS2L Leatherette Headsets with Bags $ 175.42 [ADD TO CART]
LCP/24/MS2LV Hamilton Personal Headphone Lab/Class Pack - 24 MS2LV Volume Control Headsets with bags $ 203.51 [ADD TO CART]
5076 Refresh kit with foam ear cushions and bag for HA2, HA2V $2.75 [ADD TO CART]
5079 Refresh kit with leatherette ear cushions and bag for MS2L and MS2LV $2.75 [ADD TO CART]
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